The pre-pay day haul.

We’ve all been there, the day before pay day. You can practically smell the money magically appearing within your bank account. But the itch to shop is huge and you just have to pop into town and grab that powder you so desperately need, and a few things you also just happen to need when you stumble across them at the end of an aisle. Unlike tomorrow where the world is literally at your feet and you can buy anything your heart desires, today you have to restrain yourself. You cannot just add everything into your basket in a shopping frenzy and you must *gulp* make decisions.

So there you are browsing through Top Shop and Zara, perusing the aisles of Superdrug at all the new makeup offers and you must not cannot go crazy. I find myself seeing things I adore and fall in love with to shortly put back on the shelf after silently crying at the price tag. It’s not like any of these things are ridiculously expensive but when it’s the day before pay day you have to suck it up and keep your shopping trip under £20. For everything.

Today I achieved just that and managed to grab some goodies as well as actually spending less than I normally would because I was forced to do so; perhaps I should try and set strict budgets more often.

The first things I bought today were 2 make-up items in Superdrug, one of which was the very thing I went into town for and the other was something I decided I needed. The former was a translucent powder and is something I desperately needed. After quickly rejecting Max Factor’s Creme Puff Powder Compact at £6.99 (we are on a budget here) I soon found myself and Makeup Revolution’s section and weeping with joy. Makeup Revolution is in no way a new brand to me, I love their packaging, I love the quality albeit some eye shadows are a little chalky and I love that they’re cruelty free. I ended up grabbing the ‘Pressed Powder Translucent‘ at only £2 which also comes with an applicator sponge. Which I will probably never use for my face but you never know, it might come in handy for some nail art. I at this point decided I also needed a bronzer as I caught my reflection in one of the many mirrors in the store. Sometimes I feel that the lighting is designed to make you feel like you need to buy more makeup and if so, it definitely worked. I was about to purchase a beautiful baked bronzer also by Makeup Revolution but then I walked past the MUA section and was intrigued by a mosiac bronzer. The MUA ‘Mosaic Powder’ in Natural Glow was only £2.50 and is so pretty. I don’t expect it to be the best quality, but I do love my MUA lip stains so I’m hoping it’ll surpass my expectations. Next up was clothes and accessories and after walking through most stores and then quietly walking out with a mental list of post-pay day things to buy, I found myself in Primark.

Primark is a bit of a weird store for me, I find that they have got more expensive over the years. I think the quality has increased but I do sometimes find myself gasping at some prices and thinking really, for Primark? But I was on a no money budget and if you dig between the countless crop tops there are some nice little gems. I found myself drawn to 2 vests, a white one with a sun, moon and eye which was only £3 and perfect to match with some comfy denim shorts and jeans. The other was a floaty floral patterned sheer vest which you can wear in the day and dress up in the evening. Perfect for my holiday next month and only £4.

Left: £3 Right: £4

After browsing through the home section and resisting the candles and hanging decorations I simply did not need, I came across the cutest make up bags with ice-creams or lollies on – also only £4 and a decent size. Naturally a lolly one landed in my basket and is just what I needed for my upcoming holiday, and can you ever really have too many makeup bags? Keeping with the holiday theme I then picked up some gorgeously round sunglasses for £2 which are the same as some Topshop glasses which were £14.

My grand total: £17.50 and proof that if you’re strict because you really have to be, you can shop smart and save some cash. If only I could do this during the rest of the month.



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