Soap & Glory – Peaches & Clean Deep Cleansing Milk Review

 One of the favourite parts of my day is washing my face, washing away all of the makeup and dirt and feeling fresh. There is something so satisfying about seeing all of the makeup on my flannel (or wash cloth for you American friends) and having clean skin. Normally, I am a Lush Cosmetics ‘Ultrabland’ girl through and through. A gentle cleanser which gently melts makeup away and makes my skin feel so soft. It has been a favourite of mine since September 2014 and since then my makeup wipes were thrown in the bin and every evening I treat my skin to this beeswax, honey, almond oil and rose treat. It has minimal ingredients but is so effective and helped balance my skin. Dry areas became softer, blemishes started to disappear and I felt radiant. I cannot recommend this product enough and is frankly the best makeup remover and cleanser I have ever tried.

But we are not here to talk about Lush’s ultrabland and despite loving it so much, I still found myself adding a Soap & Glory ‘Peaches & Clean Deep Cleansing Milk’ to my basket whilst buying a sandwich one lunch hour. Soap & Glory is a brand I have barely dipped into. I purchased 3 makeup items many many months ago when Boots had a 3 for 2 offer but since then I never really thought to try any of their skincare. But still, I was intrigued over this cleanser which promised to melt away makeup and I couldn’t help but want to try something else.

First of all, it costs £8 for 350ml and is in a pump action container. I absolutely love the packaging (I am such a sucker for any packaging), I love how easily it pumps out and how little mess there is. As Lush is very environmentally concious, Ultrabland is contained within their classic black pots which is great for the environment but can get quite messy when getting to the product. Because of this, I do prefer the Peaches & Clean packaging and only 2 pumps is needed to wash your face; I am forever overusing my ultrabland by grabbing far too much when in a hurry.

The smell of this product is absolutely beautiful and just like fresh peaches – it’s a joy to use in the morning and brings back memories of summer days and sweet peach tea. The application is so simple, I use 2 pumps which I apply directly to my face. Massaging gently into the skin, a soapy film lathers which lifts all the makeup and dirt from the day. My face is left feeling squeaky clean and fresh albeit slightly dry. The dryness is easily fixed by using a good toner and moisturiser after washing, however when using Ultrabland I often feel that I don’t even need to moisturise afterwards therefore this may not be an ideal product for people with dry skin. It did however produce this soapy clean feeling which you don’t quite feel with Ultrabland and was something I hoped this product could help add to my routine. Beware though as this stings my eyes when removing eye makeup, something which Ultrabland definitely doesn’t do. I often have a hot flannel at the ready to quickly wipe my eyes and is not always ideal.

Ultrabland: £11.50 per 100g Peaches & Cream: £8 per 350ML

All in all, I like this product. I feel like Soap & Glory are not necessarily the gimmick brand I thought it was. It does wash my face really well and gives the clean feeling I’m looking for in a cleanser and makeup remover. It does however sting my eyes and means I absolutely cannot forget to moisturise without running the risk of waking up with reptile skin. It cannot replace my beloved Ultrabland completely but I have found it slots easily into my daily routine. I tend to alternate between Peaches & Clean and Ultrabland and have found my skin is responding great to the changes. I have had no unusual break outs and blemishes seem to disappear faster. It is in no way a wonder product but has become a nice addition to my skin care routine.Would I repurchase? Yes If anyone has tried this product or any other Soap & Glory products I’d love to know what you thought and how you got on in the long-term.



    1. emaalymaae

      I find their makeup does not wow me at all, if you want the cute packaging you’re better off paying a bit extra and buying benefit. But after hearing so many good things about their skincare I had to give this a try. It’s not a wow product but I do like it. They have such a huge range though I’m sure there has to be something that’s perfect


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