Stvdio 5 – Brand Review & Products

I love beauty products, bath things in particular so I was so excited when a gorgeous package of Stvdio 5 goodies landed at my doorstep. It honestly couldn’t have come at a better time, I was stressing over my biology exam, I was starting a new job, everything seemed to need doing all at once. What a great excuse to pamper myself and find time to relax!

Stvdio 5 sent me a lovely selection of goodies to do just that, ranging from soap and a bath bomb to a face mask and even a candle! Perfect, things that could be used all on their own or together for the perfect spa experience.
If you’ve not heard much about Stvdio 5, here is a little info behind the brand. Their products are natural, handmade, green, cruelty free, 100% British and 100% vegan. There is also no SLS in any of their products so they are also very gentle on the skin. They make a huge selection of products from candles to deodorant, bath products, solid shampoo, perfumes (which is currently not on their website) and so many soaps! I feel really spoilt for choice and each product looks good enough to eat.

When I opened my beautiful package I was so excited to see a candle. The gorgeous Lemon Mania Soy Candle smells just like it’s name with a zesty top note of lemon combined with sweet orange, mandarins and lime. The candle is hand poured with Vegan soy wax which I always find melts much faster than non-soy candles. The flame was perfectly high and the scent filled my room almost instantly, it was so uplifting and the perfect pick me up whilst trying to revise. I loved this candle and I really want to try the Triple Chocolate Soy Wax candle as chocolate scents are my favourite. They also have wax melts too for those who love their wax burners. The candles are currently £5.50 each (way cheaper than yankee and they’re already in a holder) and the wax melts are currently £1.75. An absolute bargain!

The two beautiful soaps immediately made their way into my bathroom which I use as hand soaps because they look so pretty. The cake slice soap even contains a tiny pastel paper straw and looks so beautiful when visitors wash their hands. This soap smells like sweet vanilla and is made using the cold processing method; combining coconut, olive, almond and castor oil. It’s very nourishing and doesn’t make your skin feel taught afterwards. The other gorgeous soap reminds me a of a cheesecake slice and is also incredibly sweet. Soaps are only £3.50 and last forever which I feel is really good value.

The beautiful citrus bath bomb with a soapy star coating

I was also sent a very fragrant Citrus Bath Bomb which blew me away when I popped it into a steamy bath. Not only does it smell like one of my favourite scents, sweet oranges, but the gorgeous soapy decoration melted in the water and formed tiny red pools of oil. This was the same effect as Lush Cosmetics’ Oxford Street exclusive: Lava lamp – without any bath or skin staining. It was an absolutely incredible experience and I want at least 10 of these stashed away for when I need a boost. It was also very gentle and though on the oily side, it did not irritate my eczema like some oily products do. As for the price the bath bombs are £2.95 each, they might be slightly on the small side but they don’t need to be any bigger as they are so fragrant and once again are excellent value.

Tiny pools of red oil float on the water, creating a mesmerising and stunning experience whilst moisturising and cleansing your skin

Last but not least, I also received a paper bag of face mask powder which you add to water or natural yoghurt. I was a little creative with my face mask and once I mixed it with some yoghurt, I actually applied it to my very sore and dry feet to add some nourishment to the skin. This actually made a beautiful foot mask as it contains vitamin E and zinc oxide to revitalise the skin and tighten pores. My skin felt so soft afterwards and I still have half the bag left to try on my face. They also contain kaolin which is a white clay and this is very gentle and excellent for people with sensitive skin. I will definitely be repurchasing these face masks as I love the powder idea as this prolongs the shelf life. I can have a natural yoghurty mask and use it within my own time, this is such a good idea and I’d love to see Lush adopting this as an option. At £2.50 I know I will be ordering the green tea (possibly my favourite thing in the world) and chocolate versions soon.

I absolutely adored using my Stvdio5 products and the company are so lovely to talk to. Currently items are on sale on their website with free UK delivery and they are also so active on social media especially on instagram, which is so lovely to see as I feel like some companies just don’t care. I also found an Etsy page with the most delicious looking soaps which are not on their website so definitely have a look, if only to gaze at the Chocolate Doughnut Soap.

I’d love to know what unique beauty brands you love and what ethics you look for when choosing where to buy. Comment below with your favourites or if you’ve tried out Stvdio5 before and what you loved most.



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