Canada Adventures 

So far I have been in Canada for 5 days and I already feel like I’ve done so much! I touched down in Halifax after a very long flight and quickly made my way up to New Glasgow in Nova Scotia to visit my grandparent’s house. They emigrated from the UK to Canada 5 years ago and built their house on a plot of land in the country. I still hadn’t visited them so what a perfect excuse to book a flight and come out to see their home (and eat lots of Canadian food). 

After reaching their home I was immediately welcomed by the local wildlife aka Mosquitos and Black fly. Damn do these bites itch and I quickly realised perfume and strong lush fragrances would be a no no for this trip. Not that it stops them trying to have a nibble. 

The next day we ventured off around New Glasgow and then visited Walmart – which is essentially ASDA for all my UK friends. They did however have a few things we don’t get in the UK like EOS and different Oreos and crisps! S’more Oreos and mint Oreos are seriously amazing I wish we could get these back home. EOS is also so cheap here, I’ve spent around $3.50 on each lip balm and $2.50 on each handcream which equates to roughly £1.75 and £1.25. I then visited Atlantic Superstore and picked up this gorgeous milani powder blush in ‘Romantic Rose’ for $7.99 which is so pretty.   

 For the past 4 days I have been travelling around Cape Breton on the Cabot Trail and visiting the national parks. The scenery is absolutely stunning and I’ll leave you with some beautiful photos of Bras D’or Lake and Ingonish Beach. Unfortunately we didn’t see any moose but bears do venture onto my Grandparent’s land so maybe I will see some wildlife!


Cotton candy icecream is the absolute best!


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