Canada Haul – Candles, Make up and DQ

As today was supposed to be overcast and rainy (which suddenly became hot and sunny), we decided to do a little shopping. 

First up was Walmart which is a magical and mystical place for us Brits, it’s essentially a super sized ASDA but on speed. It is huge and everything is so CHEAP. I’ve been big on the EOS this trip because it’s so ridiculously expensive back in the UK. I snagged another lip balm, this one in Vanilla Mint with it’s beautifully striped blue packaging. I am such a sucker for packaging. I also spotted EOS shaving cream, not an essential as I love my lush shaving creams but hey if you can’t treat yourself on holiday when can you? I grabbed two scents: Pomegranate  Raspberry and Lavender Jasmine. I love that they have a pump and the packaging is also pretty nice. Next up was the makeup section and I felt a little lost as there was so much, many things I recognised but so much felt so new and alien. Trying not to go overboard I opted for two items: a Rimmel ‘Clean Finish’ Foundation in True Ivory for only $5.97 and a Physicians Formula ‘Super BB All-In-1 Beauty Balm’ for the cheeks lips in ‘Berry Pink’. This reminded me of the benefit lip and cheek stains which I find hard to blend, I hope that in a balm it might be a little easier and give a dewy look on the cheeks. This was $8.58 which equates to approximately £4.50. Bargain! 


I think I’ve gone a little eos mad this holiday…
Though we get Rimmel back home I love the texture of this foundation, I’m excited to try the cheek balm too
Next stop was Lawton’s Drug store where I got very excited. 40% off Yankee Candles! Unfortunately I’m tied down by weight allowance for my flight home otherwise I would have bought everything. Instead I opted for 3 votive candles as they take up no space at all and they were only $1.37. That’s less than £1 each! I opted for French Vanilla, Lavender Vanilla and White Chocolate Apple which smells a little like a sweeter So White Shower Gel. And because who can resist a 40% off I also bought 2 medium tumblers. Cotton Candy is a candle I’ve wanted to try because frankly, who doesn’t love candy floss! It was also $11, just less than £6! If it wasn’t for my weight allowance I would have bought the entire display. I also picked up Sage & Citrus because I wanted to try something different. It reminded me of the earthy scents you get at lush and it smells so fresh and clean. If I honestly could have bought ALL the candles I would have. Oh I also grabbed the one EOS handcream I hadn’t yet found, I do like to have a complete collection. 


Cotton Candy is just perfection in a candle, if you love sweet scents you will love this
These will be perfect in the Autumn, maple syrup and Pumpkin Spice is so yummy.
We also went to the supermarket and low and behold I found more candles. Maple syrup and pumpkin spice in smaller jars, they are so autumnal and smell so good I just had to have them. I also found an E.L.F makeup display and grabbed a ‘radiant glow’ Mineral Face Primer. The packaging looks really good for $8 and I hope it’ll give a really gorgeous glow under my foundation.

E.L.F recently stopped distributing to the UK so I was very happy to see this in the store. I love my poreless primer however this will be excellent to give a radiant glow

I have also looked everywhere for Birthday Cake Oreos and had somewhat failed until I went into Dairy Queen. I ordered the large Oreo Birthday Cake Blizzard and it was absolutely amazing. There was so much of it too, I almost didn’t finish it – almost. 


This was so good! I definitely needed a lie down afterwards though
I still have just under a week left in Canada, and at first I was a little upset I wasn’t venturing into the city. I really wanted to visit bath and body works but I am having an amazing time and and have loved everything in the country. Sometimes things turn out to be the best when you least expect it and I wouldn’t change anything about my holiday so far. 

Perhaps we can all this week look at things positively and have way more fun than we expected. The little things are just simply the best sometimes.

Hope you all are having an amazing summer so far and are having your own adventures. 

Emily Mae 



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