#gayisokay – Lush Cosmetics Love Soap


Love soap in it’s perfect shimmering glory.
Lush Cosmetics are not one to be shy of saying what they think and standing up for what they believe in. A great way to raise money for small charities which do not normally get enough attention, is to bring out a new and exclusive product where all the money (minus VAT) is donated to charity. It’s an excellent way to campaign, the charity gains financial aid as well as publicity and the customer gets to take away a lovely Lush product to enjoy.

The last campaign was surrounded by the phrase #gayisokay and publicises that in 76 countries around the world – it is illegal to be gay. In 10 of those, being gay will cost you your life. In every country around the world being gay does not qualify you for equal rights – which I think is ridiculous. Who cares who you love? 

The soap itself is covered in a gorgeous golden lustre, which does transfer to the skin but washes off very quickly. Fans of the popular ‘love’ fragrance or even fizzbanger, as the scent is rather similar, will adore this soap. Containing lemongrass oil, bergamot and lemon it’s incredibly zesty and uplifting. A dash of Jasmine and cinnamon adds a beautiful warming element to the soap. Though the citrus element makes it an obvious choice for the summer, I can still see myself using it through the autumn because of the warming properties. 

Overall I love ‘love soap’ and wish I’d bought more than one, not just because the soap is fantastic but because the money went to such a great cause. 


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