July 2015 Favourites 

How is it August already? This year has flown by, it won’t be long and it’ll be Halloween and Christmas all over again. I’m hoping August doesn’t fly by so quickly. 

This month has been a very hectic month, I have worked so much and barely had time for myself. That being said I have still managed to find the time for some new favourites.


Two bubble bars joined together to form this gorgeous and spicy dragon
My first favourite is a bath product which I purchased from Lush Cosmetic’s Oxford Street Branch. The ‘Little Dragon’ bubble bar has got to be one of my favourite bubble bars ever made. The two parts of the dragon on separate sticks, joined together to look like a Chinese dragon is absolutely stunning. You run the dragon under the tap where a cascade of fluffy bubbles then hits the water followed by glistening and glimmering orange water. The lustre is the perfect amount where it shimmers around you but doesn’t coat you in a thick glitter which is impossible to wash off. It’s beautifully warming with it’s spicy clove bud oil scent and perfect for sore muscles, colds or chilly days. If you love Phoenix rising, hot toddy, glogg or holly golightly – you will adore this bubble bar too. 
Fluffy white bubbles with gorgeous glimmering water
Next up is some perfumes which really took me by surprise. I took my sister to superdrug so she could check out the new Zoella collection. I always thought these products were a little bit of a fad, or at least they get a little boring once you’ve had a group of young teenagers talk at you about them for months on end. I had a little spritz of both perfumes from both collections and I genuinely really liked them. ‘Blissful Mistful’ is a more grown up and musky scent with some sweeter floral notes. It in all honesty reminded me of Marc Jacob’s ‘Daisy’ perfume so I decided to buy one. As I’m someone who likes to complete collections, I also had a little spray of her new perfume in ‘let’s spritz’. This perfume is very fruity with tones of blueberry which I thought would be perfect for the summer – I just had to buy it too. I found myself using Blissful Mistful most days for work and Let’s Spritz on the weekends and have had a fair few compliments. 


These perfumes really surprised me and I think the bottles are really pretty
Makeup-wise I have 2 absolute favourites this month. Benefit’s The Porefessional ‘License to Blot’ and Urban Decay’s ‘Naked on the Run Palette’. I use License to Blot with my primer and it literally photoshops your face to eliminate pores and shine. My skin looks 10x better when using this product and I can always tell when I’ve forgotten to put it on. I dab it lightly over any areas which get oily or look particularly nasty and voila, fresh new skin. I also got a like and comment on Instagram from benefit when I posted about it! That was a great moment. 
Photoshop for your face – Enough said!
Is there anything more perfect than a brand new Urban Decay palette?
The naked on the run palette was something I didn’t strictly need but had to have. I will do a full review soon but I’m so glad I purchased it I had to put it in my favourites. The bronzer is amazing for contouring and I adore the full sized lip gloss. With all the eye shadows, mascara and eyeliner you are guaranteed to create a few different looks with the one palette. Absolutely perfect for travelling and a must have if you collect the naked palettes. 

Last up is some shoes, more specifically my Disney vans! These vans are covered with Ariel from the little mermaid and I could not love them more. I have literally worn them every time I’ve gone out, much to my boyfriend’s dispair. If I could never take them off I would be so happy and they’re a must have for any Disney fan. There are also others in the collection too including Disney villians, all the princesses and Winnie the Pooh. 


‘Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat?’
A short but sweet favourites this month, I cannot wait to see what adventures August brings. Hope you all had a wonderful July and feel free to comment any of your favourites or what you think of mine. 

Lots of love

Emily Mae 



    1. emaalymaae

      Why thank you! The vans are so comfy as well as being awesome! The canvas was a find at Disneyland Paris though I believe you can get it on the Disney website sometimes. They do other princess too, I have the rapunzel one as well which is gorgeous ❤️


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