Do we really need a face brush?

First of all, let me apologise for being MIA last month. September is an incredibly hard month for me and I’m so proud of myself for getting myself through it. I am genuinely feeling good and excited about the rest of the year. I’m forgetting September has even happened right now, so let’s start with the first blog post of October! 

‘A brush with greatness’ is a double sided face brush which is supposed to cleanse the skin and leave your face feeling more radiant. One side consists of soft bristles which gently exfoliate whereas the silicone bristle side will give a deeper cleanse. To use, make sure you have damp skin to start with as this will act as a buffer on your face and will limit any skin damage. I like to add a little cleanser to my skin and then I use the soft bristle side around my face in small circular motions. It is so important not to use too much force otherwise you will exfoliate too hard and it will damage your skin. I then use the silicone bristle side on my nose to help prevent the build up of blackheads. It leaves my skin feeling very soft afterwards but so far I have not noticed a radiant glow. Perhaps I’m just too tired at the moment for a radiant glow but in terms of exfoliation – this brush is fantastic at buffing the skin. 

That being said there are some important things to remember otherwise this brush could suddenly turn into the brush from hell. 

  • Make sure you wash the brush! Yep that’s right, I recommend after every use soaping up your brush in very hot water and giving it a clean. Then leave it to dry in a clean, dry area. If you fail to clean it bacteria will grow between the bristles of the brush which of course will transfer to your face. But it gets worse: leaving it to dry in a damp area or airing cupboard is actually the perfect incubating conditions for mould. YUK! If you’re going to invest in a facial brush, be prepared to maintain it or suffer the consequences. 
  • Do not scrub too hard! I know when you have breakouts or dry skin it can be very tempting to scrub to your heart’s content. Make sure you keep a light hand otherwise you risk damaging your skin. This will lead to redness, further breakouts and will unbalance sebum production – not quite what we’re aiming for. 
  • Only use your brush once to twice a week. It can be tempting to go at it everyday, especially when your skin feels so good afterwards. But similar to the above point, this will just have a detrimental effect on your skin. Treat the brush as a deep exfoliator and let your skin recover for a couple of days before scrubbing away. If you still feel like you need an exfoliant in between brushes, use a lighter one. I recommend lush’s ‘Angels on Bare Skin’ for sensitive skin. 

After scrubbing, I like to use Lush’s ‘Eau Roma Water’ as the Turkish rose helps reduce redness on my sensitive skin. I then add a light layer of ‘Full of Grace’ as this light serum is very healing and feels so nice on the skin. If I want my skin to look amazing in the morning, I then add a light layer of Zelen’s face oil. 

All in all, I do like my face brush and can find a place for it in my weekly routine. However, I don’t think it’s a necessity and I think if you want to invest in one you need to really think about how much you already exfoliate. But at such a minimal price of only £6.50, I think it’s worth giving a try. 

Until next time,

Emily Mae x 



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