Lush Cosmetics: Calacas vs Nightwing

When Nightwing was unofficially announced, one look at the ingredients and the rumours sparked that this beauty of a jelly shared it’s scent with calacas. Though they both share some ingredients, this could not be further than the truth – though both are beautiful on their own merit.

Calacas is a beautiful green and smells like green gummy bears

Let’s start off with calacas jelly. My pot was on sale in the kitchen roughly a year a go and is shaped into a sugarskull. This fruity jelly contains Aloe vera gel, lime oil and neroli oil and smells strongly of lime sweets. It has a fresh lime scent which is wrapped up in an oh so tempting sweetness. Calacas is such a popular fragrance because it smells like green gummy bears, so I can totally understand why everyone was so excited but then equally disappointed when it emerged that Nightwing was in fact different to calacas.

But fear not, if you are someone who LOVES calacas you will equally love Nightwing.

I can see why many people thought that Nightwing was calacas scented, it too is packed full of Lime oil and Aloe vera gel. However, the key difference here is the inclusion of fresh lime juice which really sets Nightwing apart. Imagine you have just sliced a zesty lime, think of the freshness and the pure zesty nature which makes your mouth water. It’s this property which makes Nightwing totally different to it’s sweet cousin Calacas and in fact I think is actually a nicer smell! Whenever I open my Nightwing just to have a little sniff through out the day, my mouth never fails to water and I absolutely love this.

Shaped like a spooky bat, with an equally dark and mysterious colour, this jelly might even be the best product from the Halloween collection dare I say. I can imagine myself enjoying this on a cold, rainy October night to revitalise those dark evening blues. It would also be absolutely amazing in the morning to wake yourself up as this jelly really packs a punch.

So there you have it, 2 jellies very similar in ingredients but two wonderful stand alone products. I cannot say enough how beautiful Nightwing is and how much of a must have it is if you collect Lush jellies or just love a good zesty product. I’d love to know what your favourite Lush jelly is so please let me know as well as how you feel about Nightwing not smelling like the beloved Calacas.

With love from a very bubbly bath

Emily Mae x


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