Lush Cosmetics: Granny Takes A Dip Bubble Bar 

When Granny Takes A Dip (GTAD) was first released, it was released on the Lush Kitchen as a bath ballistic. Everyone went absolutely crazy for it and it sold out in seconds, not long afterwards it was made available as part of lush’s summer collection. The scent was gorgeous with lemon oil, ginger, black pepper and a hint of vanilla. It was spicy and sweet with a little citrus burst and helped ignite your senses whilst you relaxed in the bath. It also created the most gorgeous of bath art, swirling pinks, blues and greens all forming a deep purpely red in the water. 

It was then discontinued and replaced in the form of a bubble bar. GTAD bubble bar has a similar appearance to the ballistic with it’s circular shape and bands of colours. It is however a lot smaller than the bath bomb and generally a small bubble bar. I found it didn’t make a huge amount of bubbles and ended up using the whole thing. 

  Crushed up it looked very pretty amongst the bubbles, reminding me a little of a more vibrant unicorn horn however underneath the water was a dark orangey/brown – not the prettiest.  

  I don’t mind the colour of the water if the scent is good, I’ll just dim the lights and relax. However the scent of this bubble bar is slightly different to the ballistic once it hits the water. Instead of the gingery, peppery slightly sweet goodness I loved; I found the ginger and pepper was lost in the water. I could smell the lemon and a little vanilla however it was the strong combinations of scents which really made the ballistic for me. 
From the swirling patterns to the intoxicating aroma the ballistic version of Granny Takes a Dip is so superior to the bubble bar and I can’t help feel a little disappointed.

Perhaps if you haven’t tried the ballistic, or didn’t like it, you might enjoy the bubble bar. But for me, it’s not the same and I’m not eager to repurchase. 

I’d love to know what you thought about this bubble bar and whether you miss the ballistic too. 

Emily Mae x 



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