A Very Lush Christmas – Spicy Edition 

 It’s that time of year  when Lush releases all of their amazing christmassy products and the choice is over whelming. From bubble bars to body conditioners Lush has you covered to keep you festive, smelling great and feeling soft. I decided to combine some of my favourite products to create a gorgeous spicy cocktail – perfect for this ever so windy and cold British weather.


The first product I added to my warming bath was ‘The Magic Of Christmas’ bubble bar wand. It’s a glistening golden orange star on top of a huge cinnamon stick, decorated with a bow and bell and of course plenty of lustre. This spicy magic wand contains almond essential oil to keep your skin soft and smelling of yummy sweet almonds. Teamed with sweet orange oil to uplift your scenes as well as  warming and stimulating cinnamon leaf oil – you will be left smelling just like Christmas. 


The next product I just had to use was ‘Cinders’ bath ballistic. This bath ballistic smells like hot fruit punch – similar to The Magic of Christmas except I think the almond oil is stronger in the bubble bar. Containing the same essential ingredients, this ballistic also contains popping candy. If you don’t want to have too much cinnamon in your bath, a Butterbear would be perfect to add sweet softness to the water.If you’re feeling extra indulgent, add a Butterbear anyway!


The last product in my spicy bath concoction is ‘Glogg’ shower gel. This shower gel is currently limited edition and not available to purchase. Do not worry if you don’t have this! You could also use Hot Toddy, Holly Go Lightly or even 93000 miles shower jelly. This product is to add some extra bubbles but also to wash your body and hair so perhaps skip the latter if you’re using Holly Go Lightly. Essentially this shower gel is a spciy warming mixture of cinnamon, orange and lemon juice. It stimulates the skin, and scalp when used as a shampoo, as well as creating a beautifully foamy lather. If cinnamon overkill is your idea of hell, use some Rose Jam or Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly to balance the scents by adding sweetness.

Now you have your cocktail ingredients, let’s get started! Hold The Magic of Christmas under the tap and watch fluffy, foamy bubbles coat the bottom of your bath. Smell the intoxicating aroma of almond and cinnamon as it wafts in the steamy air. Lustre will run through the water, catching the light and dancing in the waves. Once you’ve made all the bubbles you want, switch off the tap and leave your bubble bar wand to dry. I receive a lot of  questions on what to do with your bubble bar wand when you’ve finished using it, I keep mine in a little bowl on the windowsill to dry. Sometimes if the bathroom is VERY steamy, I pop the bowl in the bottom of an airing cupboard for an hour or two – this also makes any towels in the cupboard smell amazing! Once it’s dry you can pop it back in your stash or leave it in the bathroom for next time. I tend to use the bubble bar fairly quickly after using it, within a few days, to keep it extra fresh as there is the potential for bacteria to now grow on the product. 

Now it’s time to add your ballistic, cinders will fizz quickly so you have to be quick if you want to watch it. It will add more of a yellow to your bath water – resulting in a hot liquid gold bath. As it fizzes, popping candy is dispersed into the water, causing it to slowly and then violently crackle in the bath. This is of course exciting, but close your eyes and imagine a hot crackling fire. Combine this with the strong spicy and slightly sweet aroma and you’ll be in Christmas heaven.


Now you can squeeze a generous dollop of your shower gel of choice into the water, adding extra scent and softness. Overall this cocktail is so softening and currently I smell like Christmas. I feel so festive and because I also washed my hair with glogg – it also feels soft and festive too. The cinnamon will also stimulate the roots to encourage hair growth!

Lush Christmas is my favourite time of year and I will always have fond memories of working there last Christmas. With so many products to try, cocktailing is definitely the way to go. For those of you who hate spicy scents, I have a sweet alternative which will be posted soon so keep your eyes peeled! I would also love to know what your favourite Lush Christmas product is this year! 

There are now only 2 weekends until the big day!

Emily Mae x


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