The Best Of The Best L’Occitane Collection 

When I saw this L’Occitane set on QVC I knew I absolutely had to have it. L’Occitane is one of those special brands which I have always treated my mum to, but never actually indulged in myself. So when I saw I could purchase this set at such a good price, £46.96 (Now £63), I could not resist.

Wrapped up in a gorgeous box I knew this would look good in my room and I was drawn to the warm option because I adore honey and almond scents.

There is a huge range of rather expensive items in this gift set ranging from shower, skincare and lipcare – everything is also an incredible size!

This set contains 2 exquisite shower products: an Almond Shower Oil and a Bonne Mere Honey Shower Gel. The shower gel is full size at 330ml and it gently cleanses the skin as well as moisturises due to it’s high honey content. It smells like pure, sweet honey which is very comforting. I also think the packaging is lovely and it’ll look good in anyone’s bathroom. The shower oil is very exciting because it’s supersized at 500ml, a size you can’t purchase on it’s own. The oil produces a soft lather and is enriched with almond oil, leaving a gorgeous almond scent on your skin. These are an absolute must have if you suffer with dry skin and is perfect for the whole family.

You then get 2 travel sized products (75ml): Shea Ultra-Rich Shower Cream and Shea Ultra-Rich Body Lotion. I find these have a slightly creamy but more neutral scent but these will leave your skin feeling amazing. The shower cream has a 5% Shea butter content whereas the lotion has 15%.

The hand creams in this set had me so excited as there are 3! Above we have the travel sized (30ml) Almond Delicious Hands which contains almond milk and oil. There is also the supersized (150ml) Shea Vanilla Bouquet Hand Cream enriched with 20% Shea butter. It penetrates the skin quickly to moisturise and this is through the combination of honey, almond extracts and coconut oil. If you need a large hand cream, this size is only available on QVC UK.

Last but not least is this little duo which has the most adorable packaging. On the left you have a 10ml Shea Collection Hand Cream containing 20% Shea butter – a must have for super dry hands. It also contains Vitamin E, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang which gives an uplifting fragrance. On the right is the Shea Collection Lip Balm (4ml), containing 10% Shea butter to protect and nourish lips.

Overall I’m absolutely in love with this gift set, the contents and packaging are so beautiful and the price was such a bargain. If you fancy this set for yourself or want to buy one as a gift, the fresh option is still available on QVC UK for £63 and is perfect for men or women.

Emily Mae x


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