Zoella Bath Bombinis 

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift which will look rather lovely in someone’s bathroom or bedroom, then Zoella’s Bath Bombinis set is the gift to buy. 

This set contains 8 mini bath fizzers, wrapped in copper foil, stored in a very versatile glass jar and topped with a bow. It’s safe to say this set looks adorable and the jar can be used again once the bath fizzers have been used. 

The fizzers share the scent with Zoella’s original collection which smells very fresh but also perfumey. It fizzes so quickly in the water which is good if you love fast fizzing bath bombs! It leaves the water feeling soft and the scent also stays throughout your bath. The bath fizzers are on the smallish side so if you enjoy deep baths, I definitely recommend using 2 as the scent would be lost in the deep waters. 

Overall I think this is a rather lovely Christmas gift and for someone who loves baths or zoella, you can’t really go wrong! 

Emily Mae x 



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