Lush Cosmetics: Divination Bubble Bar 

Visiting Oxford Street on opening day was a very magical moment, one I will remember for years to come. There was so much excitement and so much to see, actually way too much to see because to this day I feel like I’ve probably missed something even though I’ve visited a few times since. The third floor which was filled to the brim with gifts, bubble bars, bath ballistics, luxury bath oils and FUN was by far my favourite floor and was the floor I headed to first. Looking back, the product which stuck out to me the most was divination bubble bar. Out of all the new bath ballistics and wonderful colourful things, this reusable bubble bar seems to sum up my entire trip and it’s because this bubble bar is simple magical. Dusted in a gorgeous bronze lustre, this pendulum on a deep purple string has an exquisite violet leaf aroma. It’s fresh and grassy but sweetened by balancing rose oil. My initial thought when smelling this bubble bar was that it smelled a lot like Tuca Tuca perfume. But there is a deeper smell with the appearance of earthy patchouli oil and the distinctive thyme scent which warms up the water as well as acting as a great disinfectant. The aroma is very grounding and perfect to swirl around the bath, creating the best home spa experience. If you’re not a fan of lustre do not worry, the dusting of bronze lustre disappears as soon as it hits the water revealing a gorgeous bright purple bubble bar underneath. It also creates so many bubbles, the light lilac water was covered in a thick layer of foam after literally a minute of running it under the tap. The water itself was pale, which could be stronger if you wanted it to be, with a light amount of bronze lustre similar to error 404 but subtle. It was beautiful to watch in the water and added to the overall grounding experience. I plan to get so many baths out of this one and if you love ultraviolet or bathos I feel this is another violety bubble bar to try and might just become your favourite.

Emily Mae x 


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