Lush Cosmetics: Lover Lamp Review 

I love a brand new Lush product, especially bath bombs, so I was super excited when Lush Cosmetics released the brand new Lover Lamp bath ballistic as part of their 2016 Valentines range. A play on the words ‘Lava Lamp’, which was a similar bath bomb released at Lush Oxford street but discontinued due to staining, Lover Lamp contains heart shaped bath oils which will melt in the water and make your skin super soft.

This bath ballistic is unmistakably a Valentines product with it’s powdery white appearance adorned with red heart shaped bath melts. Once you dunk it into the water, it fizzes quickly projectiling the melts across your bath. These then settle and slowly melt into the water. The fizzing action of the bath bomb creates a thick creamy froth ontop of your water and if you look carefully you will see lots of little paper hearts. As you soak away, the froth will disperse leaving you with cloudy, softening water which will make you feel amazing.

The scent of this ballistic had me so excited! The combination of Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute and Sweet Brazillian Orange Oil makes this bath bomb smell just like a chocolate orange. This is a lovely twist on the usual chocolate gift at Valentines and I would love to receive this over a box of chocolates any day. The scent is uplifting and comforting and has a great staying power in the hot water. I’ve always thought their Valentines shower cream ‘Prince Charming‘ shares it’s scent with Jaffa Cakes so this pairs brilliantly with it too.

This ballistic is £3.95 each and considering how moisturising it is, thanks to Cocoa Butter and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, I think it’s definitely worth it. It creates a creamy, chocolately, moisturising bath – perfect for relaxing in. It definitely feels very indulgent and is by far the best Valentines ballistic released to date. If you’re yet to try this, you will need to before Valentines has been and gone.

Have you tried this new bath bomb? I’d love to know what you you think too!

Emily Mae x



      1. Emma Kershaw

        Thank you! 🙂 honestly I don’t eve know, I used a bath bomb years ago and I ended up with a really painful rash but it was from boots, same with boots face masks. I’ve used a face mask from lush before though and it’s been fine 🙂 Thank you!

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