Ted Baker Brilliance Of Beauty 


When I unwrapped this gorgeous Ted Baker gift set on Christmas morning I instantly fell in love. From the frankly stunning box, rose gold packaging and the pretty colours of the products – this set is perfect for any makeup or Ted Baker fan. It’s safe to say my mum knows me very well and I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. 

As well as the incredibly useful box, this set contains: 

  • Lipgloss
  • Lipstick 
  • Cheek & Lip Tint 
  • Kabuki Brush 
  • Blush, Bronzer & Highlighter Palette 
  • Mascara 
  • Eyeliner Pen 
  • Rose Gold Eyelash Curlers 
  • 2 Nail Varnishes
  • Eyeshadow Brush
  • Eyeshadow Trio 


The mascara is a non-waterproof and black with a non-plastic brush. After using and loving the dramatic curly effect of Benefit’s Rollerlash, I found this mascara to give a lovely natural look. My eyelashes looked thicker and slightly longer with no fall out on my face. It won’t replace my beloved Rollerlash but I do find myself reaching for it, especially when I’m wearing minimal makeup. The eyeliner is a wonderfully skinny, black eyeliner pen which I’m so impressed with. Due to it’s fine nib, precise eyeliner has never been easier! It also lasts all day and doesn’t smudge, replacing my Soap & Glory eyeliner which does smudge a little at the end of the day. I also absolutely adore the eyelash curlers, not that I tend to use them because Rollerlash totally curls my lashes for me, but because they look so pretty! I guess I’m just a sucker for rose gold. 

The 2 nail varnishes in this set are so pretty. Here you have a pinky nude and a grey which is perfect whether you’re out or at work. They dry super quick and you only need 2 coats to achieve a solid colour. So far the varnish has lasted on my nails for a week, with minimal chipping.

The eyeshadow trio is probably my favourite item in this gift set. From the outer rose gold packaging to the shimmering shades, this is absolutely beautiful. The eyeshadows are not chalky, they blend really well and the pigmentation is amazing. I also adore the blush and highlighter trio too. I like how you have 2 blush shades to choose from with the not overly shimmery highlighter in the centre. The packaging is beautiful but it does slide open instead of clicking into place – I could see this opening inside a handbag which is a major downside. 

The brushes are soft and blend well, would I buy them separately? Probably not as they’re not as good as my Sigma brushes but considering they’re part of a set they are good quality. I don’t really reach for them though out of my extensive brush collection but if you’re new(ish) to brushes I think they’d be perfect for you. 

Last of all are the 3 lip products. The lipstick is a pretty pinky coral colour with a sheer finish. The colour looks so pretty on and is perfect for the summer but unfortunately doesn’t last very long. It also wasn’t very moisturising so if you have dry lips, you would have to use a tonne of lip balm first. It does smell pretty good though like vanilla – shame it doesn’t last long. The gloss however completely makes up for lipstick. It’s not overly sticky, it’s nicely pigmented and adds a nice shiny bright pink to your lips. This colour is perfect for the spring and summer and if you’re not a fan of a bold lip it’s a nice way to add some colour without being too strong. The gloss formula softens the colour and it lasts a good few hours even when sipping a coffee. The lip & cheek tint is a rosey pink with a slightly brighter pink shimmer. It’s sheer on the lips and highly blendable on the cheeks. You can create a really subtle flush and the size of the tint makes it really easy to use. 

Overall I absolutely adore this set and I’m so grateful to have received it for Christmas. If Ted Baker created a regular line of makeup, I’d definitely try it out. Have you tried any Ted Baker cosmetics? I’d love to know in the comments below! 

A very happy and chilly Sunday to you all, 

Emily Mae x



      1. rachelsbbox

        Yeah, it’s kinda like it, like the layout and shades! I have the flushed pallet and this is like a slightly smaller version! the pigmentation isn’t as good as the urban decay one but its still a good dupe! 🙂 x

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