Em Chats: 20 Questions Tag 

Hello everyone!

I’ve had a little blogging break – just to clear my mind and get over some sickness. Almost like a mini holiday from the Internet which I actually found very refreshing.

To get myself back into the flow, I thought I’d do a little ’20 questions’ tag which would also be an excellent way to get to know me! I found this tag over at Retrospective Reviews‘ blog so please do check out the original post. So with the rambling done, let’s get on this.

1. Things you cannot leave the house without?

Definitely my phone as I’m always in contact with my family and friends which sounds really bad now I think about it. I’m part of the generation that never had mobile phones growing up (if you did it was definitely a black and white Nokia which could store 10 texts at a time) and to think I am so reliant on my iPhone is crazy! 

I also absolutely have to have a tangle teezer on me as I have super fine hair which gets so knotty so quickly – I’d be lost without it! I also have to wear my Fitbit. I use it as my watch but I’m slightly addicted to finding out how many steps I do in a day. Working in retail makes you VERY active. 

2. Favorite brand of make-up?

This is such a tough one as I feel like I mix and match so many brands but the makeup brands I probably reach for the most is Urban Decay or Makeup Revolution.

3. Favorite flowers?

Tulips, they were the first flowers my boyfriend treated me to. 

4. Favorite clothing store?

H&M for sure! The variety, quality and price makes it my go to store for everything. 

5. Favorite perfume?

Versace Woman Eau De Parfum – it envokes so many happy memories.

6. Heels or flats?

Flats! I hate heels I just can’t stay comfortable in them unless they’re a boot. I’m currently loving these heeled boots and these flat boots from H&M. Otherwise I’m rocking my vans constantly. 

7. Do you make good grades?

I’m not at school anymore but I am studying for my degree part time around work and I am currently doing very well. Fingers crossed this time next year I’ll have a first in biology. 

8. Favorite colours?

Maroon or navy blue.

9. Do you drink energy drinks

Very occasionally, only when I’m so so tired! I prefer drinks like lucozade over red bull.

10. Do you drink juice?

I love juice, all kinds too! I have a glass once a week.

11. Do you like swimming?

I absolutely love swimming, I used to swim a lot and I really miss it.

12. Do you eat fries with a fork?

Yes! Unless it’s Mcdonalds fries because who brings their own cutlery to Mcdonalds? 

13. What’s your favorite moisturizer?

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream  and Zelens Z-22 Absolute Facial Oil.

14. Do you want to get married later on in life?

I would – but no rush. I’m happy as I am. 

15. Do you get mad easily?

It depends on the situation but I can have quite a temper. 
16. Are you into ghost hunting?

No way! I feel like you should leave the deceased alone out of respect.
17. Any phobias?

I don’t mind heights but I hate the thought of falling.

18. Do you bite your nails?

I’m so sad to say yes. I stopped last year but have started again out of stress – they grow back at least.

19. Have you ever had a near death experience?

I nearly died when I was born but since then I have done rather well at living.

20. Do you drink coffee?

Yes I do and I love coffee, any type I’m not fussy!

I really enjoyed writing this and if you want to have a go I tag you! That’s right you reading this right now, I’d love to know your answers to these questions so please send me a link to your post!

Emily Mae x



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