Lush Cosmetics: Sunflower Bubble Bar Review 

When I saw the new Mother’s Day range from Lush Cosmetics, I was so excited to try the new bubble bars. One of which is the ginormous Sunflower Bubble Bar which is larger than my hand. Shaped like a sunflower with bright yellow petals, a darker orange centre and adorned with sunflower petals, this bubble bar is definitely a show stopper.

Firstly let’s talk about availability. The bubble bar is available exclusively at Lush Oxford Street on it’s own, or within three giftsets online and at your local lush: Ladybird, Happy Mother’s Day and Mum. So if you’re not around Oxford Street, be prepared to have to buy it within a giftset. It is however 100% worth it and if you are a complete lushie like me or just love citrus scents, this if the bubble bar you have to try.

Let’s talk about the size, it is absolutely huge and 2 petals will make mountains of soft, zesty bubbles. Because of this I can see this bubble bar creating 6/7 maybe even 8 baths depending on the amount of bubbles you like. This is absolutely fantastic and I’m so happy to have a bubble bar which will last so long. The shape of the bubble bar makes it so easy to break up too. So much so mine actually arrived a little broken – which I don’t mind as I’d only break it anyway but if you want yours 100% intact I recommend buying your gift set in store where you can check it before you buy.

When doing so, prepare yourself for the mouthwatering zesty scent. Containing uplifting and cleansing Sicilian Lemon Oil, this reminds me of Happy Hippy minus the grapefruit and not as sweet. The scent is also really quite strong and though it does disperse slightly in hot water – I could definitely still detect the uplifting lemon scent whilst relaxing in the bath. It also creates lovely golden water underneath the soft bubbles which will remind you of bright sunny days.

Overall this bubble bar is absolutely gorgeous, from its pretty design to its yummy lemon scent. It’s a bubble bar which holds its own but will also pair beautifully with a Butterball Ballistic. If you’re on the fence about this one, I say go for it and treat yourself. It’s guranteed to lift your spirits and prepare you for Spring.

Emily Mae x


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