LA Splash Cosmetics: Disney Princess Studioshine Waterproof Lip Lustres 

When I heard that there were some Disney Princess inspired lip products by LaSplash Cosmetics I instantly knew I had to be all over it. I’m constantly searching for my favourite lip product formula and I really wanted to add these to my lip product collection. I am also so in love with anything Disney themed and Mac’s Cinderella line was such a success for me I just had to find them. If you live in the UK you can order these from BeautyBay and they are £11.25 each. I bought 3 shades with free delivery and they shipped out that very day and arrived 2 days later which was really impressive!

Now let’s talk shades! LA Splash created a load of shades inspired by our favourite Disney heroines, since it’s original launch a couple of the names have been changed which I couldn’t find out why. But I do have a list of the original shades and their new names which I will list below for you incase you’re frantically searching for your favourite heroine:

  • Nala – Now Athena
  • Belle – Now Hestia
  • Esmeralda – Now Elektra
  • Faline – Now Venus
  • Tiana – Now Selene
  • Evil Queen – Now Medusa

The shades which have kept their launch name are:

  • Alice
  • Aurora
  • Duchess
  • Jasmine
  • Lady

Now I adore Disney so it was very hard to just not pick shades because I love the character, I had to bare in mind what I’m likely to wear often. Luckily, the two nude shades Athena (Nala) and Hestia (Belle) are both characters I adore (kudos for adding some Lion King love LA Splash!) but also looked like shades I’d wear all the time. I also really loved the look of the Ariel shade and thought it would be supe pretty to wear in the summer so that found it’s way into my basket too. This is where I really struggled to rein it in, internally I was begging my sensible side to order more but I thought 3 shades would be an excellent start and if I loved them I could expand my collection.

The packaging itself is fairly simple, each one comes in a LA Splash box with the shade’s name and inside is the actual product. As a liquid lipstick it has a doe foot applicator which is angled for application and the lid is shiny silver. The smell of the product is quite chemically, it does not have a nice scent to it which I feel cheapens the feel of the product. A part of me thinks that for roughly £11 each what do I expect, but then there are products way cheaper which are scented so I think it’s something they could have added. Other than that though, I really have no complaints!

As it’s called a ‘lip lustre’ I wasn’t quite sure on what to expect. I immediately thought of a glossy texture but the product clearly states it’s matte – and matte it sure is! These babies last all day and when I say all day I mean they endure every task you could give to them. I went out on a date day and they endured lunch (which included a burger and hot and cold drinks), they are utterly kiss proof and even survived a nap! I am really impressed with the durability of the product and you only need one layer as it’s so pigmented. The packaging recommends giving them 5 minutes to dry, I found it took less than 2 minutes! Application is quick, easy and you’re guranteed beautiful lips all day. They also have a gorgeous metallic sheen to them in the light which makes your lips look really magical. They are totally matte and stay dry but this metallic property is so pretty. I did experiment with coating and 2-3 coats really intensifies the metallic sheen but also stays super dry.

Swatches from top to bottom: Athena (Nala), Hestia (Belle) & Ariel
My favourite shade is Hestia (Belle) as I love the brown tones and the coppery sheen!
Athena (Nala) is the perfect pinky nude for everyday – and it does not come off for anything!
‘But who cares? No big deal, I want more!’ Ariel is the perfect pinky red for the summer.

Overall I’m so impressed with this product and I will definitely be picking up more shades in the future.

Emily Mae x


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