My Murad Nightmare

Since changing up my lifestyle and drinking more water my skin has got so much better. As a teenager I suffered with my hormones which resulted in very painful acne over my face, head, back and chest. I tried everything and I almost wish some of the products I have now we’re available to me back then. A lot of time, patience and hormone therapy has helped fix my skin and at 21 my skin remains mainly clear. I do however suffer with very painful cystic spots around my chin towards that time of the month and I awoke one day with that very almost itchy, irritable feeling around my chin. I knew what was coming and by the end of the day I could feel a hard lump deep in the layers of tissue which hadn’t surfaced yet. These spots are very slow moving, they’ll hang around for ages slowly producing a visible head on your skin. In the past I’ve been very impatient and literally tried to squeeze it through. You get instant relief from the pressure and a slight satisfaction that you’re doing something but in the long run it is such a bad idea. For at least 2 weeks I’m left with a dry, sore and red area of the skin which you just cannot cover with makeup despite your best efforts. So this time I decided to do something different and I dug out my skincare products.

Last October I bought the Murad Blemish Control Jet Set Starter Kit from FeelUnique. American youtubers have always raved about Murad and I was very excited to give it a try. It did work too, amazingly so, however after 2 weeks of continued use my skin started to resemble a crocodile. Wearing foundation was impossible so I quickly tossed the products aside and started using something a little more moisturising. 5 months later and I am greeted by the pain of a slow forming, under the skin spot and I just had to dig my Murad out.

This time I decided to use the products more sparingly and only on the blemished areas of my skin to try and reduce any drying out. The kit contains 3 handy products to stop your spots in its tracks. These include:

  1. Murad Blemish Control Clarifying Cleanser
  2. Murad Blemish Control Blemish Clearing Solution
  3. Murad Blemish Control Oil-Control Mattifier

The kit is also so simple to use and easy to combine into your skincare routine. I highly recommend removing your makeup first as this is a very strong cleanser which contains Salicylic Acid – not something you want in your eyes.

But I just can’t get on with this product at all. The cleanser is very difficult to isolate on blemished areas as it foams up very quickly and spreads. Even when only using the Clearing Solution and Mattifier  on my spots – my skin dries out after 2 days. It’s very bittersweet as it does stop the spots in their tracks. I can say the spots didn’t develop further and actually went away but I’m left with this dry, crocodile skin every time. It actually takes well over a week of intense moisturising to feel like my skin has gone back to normal and for me this product fixes one problem but causes another.

My skin is also not dry to start with, I’d say it’s combination and slightly more on the oily side. Perhaps this product works a little too well on my skin. It just isn’t for me at all, perhaps if you have very oily skin this will help you.

If you’ve tried this product or any other Murad products I’d love to know what you think and what you recommend!

Emily Mae x



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