L’Occitane: Almond Shower Oil 

If anyone has stumbled across my Instagram, they may have noticed I love a good shower gel. I can’t really explain why, I just really enjoy creating a thick, soft foam and of course the strong beautiful scents which go with it. I have been an avid lushie for many years but when I saw this luxurious L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil, I knew I had to have it.

With glowing reviews, the Almomd Shower Oil has become a cult classic as it has become the go to shower oil for pregnancy and eczema. It is enriched with Almomd Oil to soften and tone the skin. It has a sweet Almomd scent which leaves your skin feeling like silk, there is absolutely no need to moisturise after using this product. Which is a bonus for a lazy person like me who loves not to have to cover myself in lotion. What I absolutely love is that it magically foams as it hits the warm water, covering you in sweet, soft Almond oil but also leaves you feeling so clean.

I absolutely adore this product and if you find yourself looking for something to help with dry skin, stretch marks or scars I highly recommend this. It has done absolute wonders for some scars I have after an appendectomy and I can’t help but feel truly wonderful after using it. Thank you L’Occitane for creating such a life saver!

Emily Mae x



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