Lush Cosmetics: B Electro Shower Gel 

When the Lush Kitchen announced they were going to make B Electro Shower Gel, the Lush community on Instagram exploded. This shower gel was rather elusive and very rarely made which meant I absolutely had to buy myself a bottle. The description sounded yummy and rumours spread that the scent was very similar to Skydancer ballistic. I was so excited when my bottle arrived!
When I opened the bottle for the first time, I was hit with a very light smell of Rose and Fine Sea Salt. It was very light and refreshing and was then accompanied by a juicy Grapefruit scent. Once you get it wet, the scent intensifies and an explosion of Fennel will fill your shower – lifting you up and making you ready for the day. I loved it!

Since then B Electro remained dusty in my Shower Gel basket, I just wasn’t using it. Why? Well over time the scent drastically decreased in the bottle. I’d pick it up, have a smell and put it down again as the entire fragrance was diminished to a light soap scent with the tiniest hint of grapefruit. Desperate to use up some products, I packed it on a trip away and though I secretly cursed that I hadn’t packed the delectable Yuzu & Cocoa I knew I couldn’t waste a product.
I squeezed it out the bottle, the luminous green thick liquid instantly brightening my mood, I let out a sigh wishing it was more fragranced. But once I rubbed my hands together and built up a thick, foamy lather – I almost fell over in the shower! The hot, steamy water awakened a new fragrance I’d forgotten about. The Rose and Fresh Sea Salt cleansed my skin whilst the juicy and frankly mouth watering Grapefruit scent wrapped around me and made me feel instantly awake. But what surprised me the most was the strong Fennel which suddenly erupted under the running water. Instantly I thought of Skydancer ballistic and the strong fragrance was carried in the water’s steam, filling the bathroom. Inside the barely fragranced bottle was a strong scent trying to escape and I was instantly so happy to have brought B Electro along.

The moral of the story is don’t judge a product by your initial impression. Once it hit the steamy water it completely transformed into a beautiful product and if I hadn’t have made myself bring it along – it could have been months until I was properly enjoying B Electro. If you find this Shower Gel in the Lush Kitchen, I definitely recommend buying one so you can experience the magic yourself.


  • Vivid green colour which completely brightens your shower and day
  • Creates a thick lather
  • Moisturising
  • Very cleansing
  • Rose helps reduce redness
  • Beautiful unisex scent
  • Strong Fennel and Grapefruit fragrance – guranteed to wake you up
  • Vegan


  • Only available on the Lush Kitchen and very rarely made
  • Scent in bottle reduced drastically
  • £11.25 price tag, standard Lush price tag but worth it for the fresh ingredients
  • No choice of bottle size

Would I repurchase? Yes!


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