Em Chats: 14 Year Olds, Makeup & Dream Matte Mousse 

You know when you can’t sleep and you’re in that danger zone of browsing the Internet, the bit where you know you really need to sleep and you’re going to curse yourself in the morning. You wake up vowing to have an early night yet you end up doing it all over again, 7 days a week. Just me? Anyway, I totally could not go to sleep because I was so engrossed in looking at beauty accounts on Instagram. I was totally mesmerised by the artistry of all the makeup looks and it didn’t take me long to realise that a lot of these girls were young. When I say young I’m talking about 14/15 and I couldn’t help but have some teenage envy. I mean I know not to 100% trust what’s put online but these girls were so on point with the eyebrows, cat eye, contour – I mean wow. I couldn’t help but think about 14 year old me and the makeup I used to apply back then. 

If there’s one lesson I could teach my younger self it’s: “Don’t buy the in makeup just because it’s in – buy what suits you and your skin type.” Because oh my god, when I think about what I used to do to my face I just cringe. 

So imagine this, you’re 14 years old and not overly confident because you have acne. Your spots are sore, dry and everywhere but the bits of clear skin, which you should be celebrating, is oily AF. There are the popular, pretty girls with perfect skin and makeup and you just want to be like them and the in makeup at the time was Dream Matte Mousse. I feel like it just launched and everyone had to have it, I of course had to as well. Now immediately looking back Dream Matte Mousse was not meant for my skin type, but I didn’t care. I absolutely had to wear it and it became a safety blanket. 

We also didn’t just apply Dream Matte Mousse, we really applied it. On the bus on the way to school before we met the boys at the bus stop, quick touch up after PE, more was piled on at lunch and you couldn’t leave school and see the boys without applying even more. The amount I applied to my face was disgusting but it was genuinely seen as cool back then, with huge thick, clumpy mascara lashes of course. If you wanted to really impress, you’d apply it to your lips too. There was no contouring, no eyebrow filling (in fact you’d pluck pluck pluck away), no matte lipsticks and if you were fancy you’d wear a bold eyeshadow. Don’t be mistaken though, I’m talking a bright purple applied with your finger all over your eyelid, no cut creases or blending. I can’t help but laugh, what were we doing? I also wonder if today’s generation will think the same or if their skills will forever be fleek. 

I also have a huge urge to retry Dream Matte Mousse but actually wear it correctly. Please comment below with all your Makeup stories from back in the day when contouring just wasn’t a known thing. I love reading how trends have changed and having a bit of a laugh at how we used to do things. 

Forever failing at the perfect cat eye, 

Emily Mae x 



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