Death By Chocolate: Dusty Pink Makeup Look

Spring is all about pastels, in particular pink. As a blue eyed girl, I tend to shy away from pink eyeshadows unless there is a rose gold element to it. But I was inspired by the Makeup Revolution ‘Death By Chocolate’ Palette to create a beautiful smokey pink effect and I am so happy with the result.

As you can see my Death By Chocolate Palette is very well loved. This isn’t an exact dupe of a chocolate bar palette but is inspired by the Too Faced line. I really like the combination of colours because they’re not too similar but all blend well together. You can honestly make so many looks to suit your style and skin tone which I think is fantastic. The price is also only £7.99 but the quality is amazing. Each shadow is soft and buttery and not chalky. The palette itself is absolutely stunning with it’s sturdy shiny case. It even looks good enough to eat with it’s melted chocolate effect.

Top: ‘White Light’ Middle (Left to Right): ‘Lick Me’ and ‘Fool’s Gold’ Bottom (Left to Right): ‘Pray for Me’ and ‘Dipped’
(Left to Right) Top: ‘Don’t Let Go’ ‘Break Me Up’ Middle: ‘One More Bar’ ‘Devour Me’ Bottom: ‘Tease Me’ ‘Set Me Free’
(Left to Right) Top: ‘Consume Me’ ‘All is Lost’ Middle: ‘Tear the Wrapper’ ‘Love You to Death’ Bottom: ‘Bring Down Angels’

Let’s get down to business with my quick tutorial:

  1. Once you’ve applied your face makeup and filled in your eyebrows, prime your eyelids with the Makeup Revolution  ‘Focus & Fix Eye Primer’ in Brighten. This creates the perfect base for your eye shadow, allowing it last longer.
  2. Set your primer by applying the shade ‘White Light’ across your eyelid. This will act as your base colour and will brighten your entire lid.
  3. Next apply ‘Break Me Up’ into your crease as your transition colour. This colour will blend with your other shadows creating a gorgeous smoky effect – tying together the lighter and darker colours.
  4. Apply the colour ‘Lick Me’ from the centre of your lid to the inner corner. This is a gorgeous dusty rose and is perfect for the Spring.
  5. Using the same brush for ‘Break Me Up’, but without any extra product, gently blend your crease to begin your smoky effect. You can skip this step but I think it really brings together ‘Lick Me’ with the transition colour.
  6. Next take an angled eye shadow brush and work the shade ‘One More Bar’ into the outer corner. This is a beautifully deep chocolate brown which is one of my favourite colours in the palette. This will add some definition to your eyes and will keep the smoky effect more natural. You can make the colour really pop by wetting your brush first, I would do this for a night out but today I kept the outer crease colour a little more subtle.
  7. Take your transition colour again (Break Me Up) and really work this into your crease, blending into your outer corner. This will soften the transition from dusty pink to chocolate brown, adding a cool toned element to your look.
  8. If like me, you blended and blended and blended, you may want to pack a little more ‘Lick Me’ towards the inner corner so that the pink shade really pops.
  9. Take the shade ‘Set Me Free’ and lightly apply this to your inner corner to highlight. This is a beautiful cool toned highlighter with a little shimmer. This is actually the only shimmer shade in the entire look and I think it really makes your eyes stand out.
  10. Mix ‘White Light’ with ‘Bring Down Angels’ to highlight your brow bone.
  11. Once again dip into ‘Break Me Up’ and lightly blend this under your waterline to really amplify the smoky effect.
  12. Take your favourite eyeliner, I used the Maybelline ‘Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner‘ in Black/Noir as I love how fine the tip is. It makes applying eyeliner so much easier! I went for a subtle cat eye but you can make yours as dramatic and as on point as you wish.
  13. Then apply mascara, I would personally go for a lengthening mascara rather than just thickening so that your eyelashes stand out against your eyeliner. I opted for the Revlon ‘Ultra Volume’ in Blackest Black.
  14. To tie the whole look together I decided to add a matte lipstick. You could either go for a grey/nude to match the smoky eye or a pink to brighten the look. I opted for the LA Splash ‘Lip Couture Waterproof Matte Liquid Lipstick’ in OG Ghoulish. I love how it darkened the entire look and brought out the cool tones in the smoky eye.

Here is a close-up of the finished look! I’m really happy with how it turned out and I feel like I stepped out my makeup comfort zone here. I normally go for quite a natural look and I surprised a lot of people going about my day with this. I felt really empowered with OG Ghoulish and I just loved the way the colours blended together on my eye. Next time I’ll try wetting the brush when applying ‘Lick Me’ as I think the pink shade blended out a little too well.

Have you tried this palette? Let me know in the comments below what you thought!

Emily Mae x



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