Makeup Revolution: Shimmer Bricks 

Makeup Revolution has done it again – created a high end dupe at a fraction of the price. In this case, we have a dupe of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact which normally retails at £33. The MUR Shimmer Bricks retail at £3 – this is possibly their biggest saving yet and naturally I had to pick up both shades.

The two shades are Rose Gold and Radiant which are dupes for Bobbi Brown Bronze and Beige. The colours are not exactly the same but they are incredibly similar, which for me still makes it a great dupe.

The packaging is black, shiny plastic with a clear plastic lid on a hinge. This means you can see the product without opening it; making it very easy to pick out your Shimmer Brick of choice when rummaging around your makeup bag. The packaging is sturdy and clips nicely together so there is little chance of it opening up in your handbag. Each Shimmer Brick consists of 5 shimmering shades, combining bronzer and highlight to create definition to all skin tones. You can use each shade separately or swirl your brush across the Shimmer Brick to create the ultimate glow.

A close up of Radiant, these are the perfect cool toned shades for fair skin.
Swatches of Radiant in natural light.
Swatches of Radiant under flash.
A close up of Rose Gold, these warmer shades are perfect for adding definition for darker toned skin.
Swatches of Rose Gold under natural light.
Swatches of Rose Gold under flash.

As you can see from the swatches, these shades are very shimmery  and very beautiful. I personally have very light skin and I find Radiant is perfect for adding a gorgeous glow when all the shades are swirled together. I also really love the lighter shades as a separate highlight – especially on the brow bone. The consistency is very soft, non chalky and glides wonderfully on the skin with a lot of pigment – so a light hand is definitely needed otherwise be prepared to blend.

Rose Gold is definitely my favourite Shimmer Brick as I have a bit of an obsession with rose gold at the moment. However the strong pigmentation and darker shades makes it completely unworkable as a bronzer on my skin. I really tried to make it work but after blending, blending, blending and then blending some more it just didn’t suit my skin tone. It does however work wonderfully as a mini eyeshadow palette especially as all the colours are so pigmented! The range of highlight to bronze on each Shimmer Brick also provides enough choice to create a couple of eye looks.

Because of this, The Makeup Revolution Shimmer Bricks are probably one of the most versatile and easy to carry makeup item in your makeup bag; especially perfect for travelling. You can use it as a bronzer, highlight and eye shadow palette, all for £3. What is not to love? If you are on the fence about the Shimmer Bricks I definitely recommend going for it, they are so cheap but such good quality and you can do so many things with them.


  • £3 each
  • Bobbi Brown Dupe
  • 2 versatile shades to suit everyone
  • Can be used for bronzing, highlighting and as an eyeshadow
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Perfect size to carry around on the go
  • Very pigmented
  • Soft, non-chalky consistency

Overall I absolutely adore the  Makeup Revolution Shimmer Bricks and I really hope they make some more shades in the future, I will definitely be carrying these in my makeup bag when on the go.

Emily Mae x



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