Freedom Makeup: Far Away Galaxy Lips 

When browsing the Freedom Makeup website (a sister brand to Makeup Revolution) I came across some stunning lipsticks. Now normally I stick to nudes, pinks and when I’m feeling daring; red. But on this occasion I was feeling very brave and wanted to try some bolder colours. Maybe it’s because their lipsticks are £1 a piece, a price I can afford to pay for daring colours but I think it’s the sheer beautiful pigments which drew me to the Far Away Galaxy Lip Collection. As soon as I saw the colours I instantly felt inspired and I picked up 4/5 colours: Storm-Trooper, The Sith, Far Away& Sky-Walker. There is also a yellow/gold lipstick called Space Lux but I decided not to purchase that one.

Left to Right: Storm-Trooper, The Sith, Far Away & Sky-Walker
Swatches in natural light (Top to Bottom): Far Away, The Sith, Sky-Walker & Storm-Trooper
Swatches under flash (Top to Bottom): Far Away, The Sith, Sky-Walker & Storm-Trooper

Because these are Star Wars themed the inner Jedi in me was literally screaming as soon as they arrived, the strong pigmentation mixed with shimmer makes them truly magical. They have a smooth creamy texture despite being shimmery and they wear really well. I was expecting to get shades of blue and grey all over my face but after a few hours my lips still looked truly magical. Some shimmery lipsticks lose a lot of colour after application – these don’t and you don’t have to sit layering your lipstick all day.

The colours are also really blendable and I found it really easy to play around and create this galaxy look. I lined and filled my lips with Far Away, creating a stunning blue base. Using a lip brush I blended The Sith & Sky-Walker into the corners of my mouth, finishing with Storm-Trooper in the centre.

  I probably wouldn’t wear these shades all the time but at £1 each I’m really impressed with the quality. I can see myself using Storm-Trooper as a brightening ombre shade in the future though! If you’re a fan of bold colours, playing around with makeup looks or simply a Star Wars fan – these are a must have in your makeup collection.

Emily Mae x



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