Makeup Revolution: Highlight Palette 

It’s now finally Spring which means it’s officially time to get your glow on and if you love excellent value when it comes to makeup, look no further. Makeup Revolution has got your back with their gorgeous Highlighter Palettes and today’s post is all about the original ‘Highlight’ Palette.

Bright with golden undertones, Golden Lights can be layered for a bold highlight or blended for a natural glow.
A little more natural and perfect for golden and bronzed skin, Peach Lights is my go to highlight.
Want to make a statement? Pink Lights is guaranteed to wow with a striking highlight.
Swatches in natural light (Left to Right): Pink Lights, Peach Lights & Golden Lights
Swatches under flash (Top to bottom): Pink Lights, Peach Lights & Golden Lights

For £8 you will receive 3 shimmering shades: Pink Lights, Peach Lights & Golden Lights. Each shade has an iridescent undertone guranteed to make your cheekbones glow and stand out. Each shade will blend seamlessly with a fluffy face brush or can be applied with your fingers for a striking highlight.

I find that Peach Lights is the most natural shade and the highlight I tend to gravitate towards the most. The shimmer is subtle against my pale skin and catches in direct sunlight, with the overall peachy pigment slightly warming my complexion. Golden Lights is so pale it blends seamlessly with my skin tone but the shimmer is definitely concentrated. Golden shimmer magnifies natural light making your cheekbones stand out. I like to wear this shade in the evening as it looks so pretty when it catches the light in a darker room. On the other hand Pink Lights is perfect when out on the town as it’s such a striking highlight. Wear this in the club or at a party and your skin will look so radiant – especially under strobe lighting.

Overall I really love this highlighter palette, it’s excellent value for money that doesn’t skimp on quality. The highlights are not chalky but soft and blend so easily. The shimmer is simply shimmer and not hard lumps of glitter which fall all over your face. With such a great price and sturdy packaging (with a full sized mirror),  you also get the guarantee that this product is indeed cruelty free and not tested on animals. Which for drugstore makeup is really hard to come by. If you are someone who collects palettes or wants a good quality but low cost highlight this palette is definitely made for you.
Have you tried any other Makeup Revolution products? Find my review on the Radiance Palette here.

Emily Mae x



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