Zoella Beauty: Sweet Inspirations 

Introducing Zoe Sugg’s, aka Zoella’s, brand new beauty collection: Sweet Inspirations. Smelling gorgeously sweet with a twist of almonds – just like macaroons. As soon as it was released on FeelUnique I ordered some items for my sister’s birthday and ended up ordering a few pieces for myself. Oops!

Bath Latte Bath & Shower Milkenriched with nourishing sweet almond, cacao and honey. This adorable bottle of silky, milky bubbles with a shiny gold cap is £6 and I absolutely adore the scent. This makes my skin so soft, smelling sweet and a little goes a really long way. I can see myself reaching for this when I feel like I need an indulgent treat. I also love that the texture is really thick so you can’t accidentally pour half the bottle at once.

The Life Is Sweet Beauty Bag is absolutely adorable. From it’s light, pastel purple colour to the stitching and scallop trim. For £6 it’s the perfect size for your favourite liquid lipsticks, hair clips and solid perfume. A definite handbag staple.

The fizz bar is back! Le Fizz has the absolute best fizz bar packaging yet. With the pale pink and gold pattern – it reminds me of Gatsby. This is one classy bath bomb and like all other fizz bars, you can snap off a few squares and save the rest for another day. It smells like macaroons and leaves the water really soft – what is not to love? This fizz bar is £5 for 200g.

Last but not least, the Sweet Inspirations Body Mist for £8. I literally cannot stop using this product. It has the beautiful, sweet almond scent that features throughout the entire collection. However it also possesses a gorgeously deeper musky scent; adding definition. I think it’s utterly stunning and I can see myself getting through this quickly. I also really love how the mist is in a glass bottle, it’s really eye catching when you display it on your bedside table.

Overall I’m really impressed with the Sweet Inspirations collection. Compared to previous collections, this one feels really grown up and fancy. The scent is absolutely exquisite and definitely my favourite so far. I definitely need to try out the rest of the range.

Have you tried anything from the new collection? Or what would you really like to try?

Emily Mae x



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