LA Splash Limited Edition Summer Daze: Goals AF 

If you asked me what my favourite brand of liquid lipstick is, I’d most definitely say LA Splash. Their lipsticks don’t budge for anything which is something I need when I can’t touch up at work. So when I came across a new, limited edition collection for Spring/Summer; I knew I had to try one.

The Summer Daze launch adds 5 lipsticks to the Forbidden Kiss VelvetMatte Liquid Lipstick collection, all of which are beautiful vibrant colours. I opted for the shade Goals AF as I thought this would be the most wearable day to day. However all of the shades are really beautiful and if I had the space for them in my collection, I would definitely stock up.

Like all other LA Splash liquid lipsticks, this has a doe foot applicator for easy application. If you don’t want to wear a lip liner you can very gently line your lips with the tip of the applicator as well. It’s really easy to get an even finish across your lips too! However if scents are a big thing for you, these lipsticks do have a rather strong chemical smell. It personally doesn’t bother me and the scent disappears as soon as it dries. You also can’t taste it either. It would however be lovely if it did smell like cupcakes, hint hint La Splash. The lid is also so pretty and so summery; very hard to resist.

2 coat swatch in natural light
1 coat on my lips in natural light, no flash

As you can see from the swatches, this lipstick is so pigmented. I had so many compliments at work and it’s really quite a daring shade for me. Normally I stick to nudes but there’s something about this beautiful fuchsia which puts a massive smile on my face. I’m also very happy to report that it does not bring out any yellow tones in your teeth so it’s super wearable for everyone. It also lasts all day, the swatch on my hand actually took 3 full days of scrubbing to fully remove which I find very impressive. Obviously it won’t last that long on your lips meaning it’s a lot easier to remove. I find a makeup wipe dipped in a little coconut oil does the trick perfectly. Cleansing balms also do a fantastic job. These are also useful when correcting any mistakes as the lipsticks dry within seconds, so have a steady hand!

Overall I really love this lipstick, and for £11.25 I think it’s fantastic value purely for it’s longevity. But the beautiful colour will definitely keep me reaching for Goals AF day after day.

What’s your favourite liquid lipstick?

Emily Mae x



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