The ‘Boyfriend Explains What Makeup Is’ Tag 

I saw this tag over at Swatchy and CRA and they were so damn funny I just had to give it a go with my boyfriend. Now Sam has been my boyfriend for nearly 6 years now and I like to think he listens to me when I ramble on about Instagram posts and whatever makeup I absolutely need to buy. So I felt like I was really testing him with these questions. At points I was crying laughing at his responses and I think he actually gained a little bit of makeup knowledge by the end of it. If you want to do this tag with your boyfriend or any male friend then please do. Make sure you leave a link in the comments below as I absolutely love reading these. 

Now I feel like I’ve rambled on enough now, so let’s get on to the questions and Sam’s responses. 

BB Cream: 

It’s something you put on your skin to disguise yourself and stop people realising your true lizard form or some sort of cream to make your skin soft. 


Is that something you put on your face before foundation, like when you dig before doing the foundation of a house. 


Foundation is like the stuff you put on your skin to make your skin tone more even. 


Something to cover up spots.


Put it on after foundation on your cheeks and stuff. 

Brow Gel: 

It’s like the stuff you use to style your hair but only for your eyebrows. 

Eye Shadow: 

You stick it on your eyelids to make them pop out like Mesut Özil.

If you want your eyes to pop just like this guy, well eyeshadow is a must have apparently.


Like that black pencil thing you put on your eyelid like near your eyelashes but not. 


That’s the stuff that you do put on your eyelashes to make them look fuller and longer. 


Like tipex for your face. 


To make your cheekbones more defined and higher and awesome. Like you’re from Norway. 


It makes you look like you’re constantly embarrassed, you put it on your cheeks. 


It makes you look more bronzed, you put it on your face. 


Highlights some bits of your face that are your favourite. 

Setting Spray: 

To stop your makeup from falling off your face. 

Lip Liner: 

You use it to line your lips, to show everyone where your lips start and your face ends. 

Beauty blender: 

No I don’t know what this is. 

I would say that’s not a bad attempt from someone who knows absolutely nothing about makeup. Afterwards we read through his answers, laughed hysterically for about 5 minutes and then I explained what each thing actually was. To see whether he learnt anything I then made him apply a full face of makeup on me, giving him free reign of my brushes and makeup collection. If you want to see how he did, let me know in the comments below! 

Emily Mae x 



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