Em Chats: Game of Follows 

I’ve wanted to write this post for a while but have never been able to without sounding angry. Today’s post is all about the increased competition in social media and the negative effect it has overall. 

I remember back in the day when YouTube was relatively new, Instagram didn’t exist and social media platforms were mainly Bebo and MySpace. There was competition but it was easier to get your content seen and heard. Today, all social media platforms are saturated with very similar content and it leads to really negative behaviours. It makes me really untrusting of people when in reality we should support each other. 

About 3 times a day I will receive emails enticing me to buy followers as this is the ‘only way to get recognised’. I think this is absolutely ludicrous! I’m also frequently contacted by aspiring bloggers who want a quick fix to ‘instafame’ and fortune. My question is, why are we so obsessed with our online following? Doesn’t it go against what blogging should be about? Why follow me to unfollow as soon as I follow back? 

I started my blog a year a go so I could have a place of my own to write and talk about things that I love. As sad as it sounds, I don’t have an extensive list of friends or family to share things with. It’s nice to have a space to share my thoughts to the world. When I started it, I never expected to get over 100 views. I’m now sitting on nearly 10,000 which I am equally astonished and grateful for. My blog is just a drop in a very deep ocean and I am 100% fine with that. It doesn’t need to be anything else for me and though the dream of being an Internet success is nice, I am happy how I am. 

I also get asked a lot about my secret, how do I gain followers and blog views? The answer is hard work! Write and put effort into your work. Inject your enthusiasm into each post, this will shine through to your readers. Share the love with other bloggers, not to get noticed but to celebrate other people’s successes. Be honest and try not to get caught up with stats. Sometimes I take risks with posts and I see a major drop in views. When I changed my Instagram from Lush focused to beauty, I lost a lot of followers. I’ll admit it really got to me at first, but I knew I was happiest posting what I wanted to post. 

Let’s all support each other, there’s room here for everyone. Don’t compete with me, let’s celebrate together. 

Emily Mae x 




  1. Audrone

    I love your post because it’s so true! Even though I should admit that I have to remind myself not to be upset if I have just a few views or if my instagram followers number drops. It’s not numbers that matter but the happiness that I get by sharing with others what I love.

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  2. Mrs Strawberry Blonde

    Great post!
    I find it a bit odd when people are only after follows and likes. I think if a blog is interesting or funny or if it covers stuff other people like to read about, then it will get likes and follows on its own. And if the blog owner is a nice person and someone you share common interests with, what more could you want?

    So yeah, I don’t get this ‘popularity contest’ either…

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    1. emaalymaae

      I’m glad you agree! I think with the rise of the super bloggers and vloggers it’s made blogging really popular. Which I’m all for as I actively encourage people to read and write as well as expressing their opinions. I guess it’s the new way to become famous because of the success of a few, it’s nice to talk to and find genuine people though 🙂

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  3. skintuitionbeautyblog

    Your title says it all. Social media is so infuriating…like on Twitter, its so cut throat about who has the most followers that I don’t think anyone reads anyone else’s tweets. Its so silly and just adds more, unnecessary pressure to something that is supposed to be fun and connect people with common interests. Blogging is meant to be relaxing and fun-why else would people try to quit their full-times to pursue it wholeheartedly? I admire and am inspired at your willpower to stay true to what you believe regardless of the follower game and “instafamous” pressure. Go you! (and glad to hear the big move is still underway!)

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    1. emaalymaae

      Thank you for your comment! I entirely feel the same about Instagram. I have Twitter but I keep it a bit more private. The amount of competition on Instagram is crazy, the follow/unfollow trick happens to me about 20 times a day which is very depressing. Especially when you find an account you really like and they use you for 2 days to keep the count up. Blogging is just fun for me, I have a full time job so I see no need to be ‘more professional’ with my own domain, the count doesn’t need to matter. I much prefer connecting to real people!

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      1. skintuitionbeautyblog

        I always wonder who has time for all that follow/unfollow nonsense. The button is there to follow a person because you want to opt in to regularly see their content. End of story. It’s just so nice and refreshing to see someone else fed up with it who is content to do their own thing. Who wants followers who don’t engage anyway?

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  4. aisharebecca

    What a great post Emily. It’d true so many people at rat blogging and blogging for a quick fix fame purpose. It’s shouldn’t evr be about that. Blog because you love it. Barely anyone outside a small group of my friends reads my blog and I’m okay with that. I write for me and only me and if someone else enjoys it great of not I still get to make sense of my thoughts on the things I blog about jut for my own satisfaction. Jut keep being the beautiful you that you are and write because you love it. PS hope the house move is all going well for you too 🙂

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    1. emaalymaae

      Thank you for your supportive comment! I completely agree with you, you need to blog because you enjoy it. Not because you want to be famous!
      The move is going ok thank you! Still in the process of sorting and packing but I’ll be out of the family home by next weekend which is so scary!


  5. hippylip

    I totally agree now we’re just a drop in the bucket and guess what? I’m good with that. I write passionately and honestly. I believe hard work gets you more followers but it’s hard for a reason. Lol. My biggest problem is not being able to write a short post, I have to go all out and it’s frustrating…so much time and effort but worth it for me. Thanks for saying what most are thinking!!

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