Em Chats: The Big Move 

If you’ve read any of my previous Em Chat posts you’ll know that my family are moving away which resulted in me having to find a new place to live. Though they haven’t gone just yet, the big move for me has finally happened and it’s pretty weird.

At 22, moving out should be easy but when you’re part of such a close family it’s actually really hard. Adjusting to a whole new routine is exhausting and everything is really unfamiliar. I also moved out whilst working, with no time off inbetween so in general I’m very tired. Getting the inspiration to write posts has been very difficult too so my blogging game is not strong this week.

I did however have a lovely day off with my better half and I really took the time to put on makeup. We also ate lots of yummy food which always makes me feel better.

Surrounding myself with good food and familiar objects in my room is slowly making me feel a bit better. I’ve also finally booked a holiday off work and arranged to visit my family in their new home – which I’m super excited for. I think change is hard for everyone and I don’t think I expected it to hit me so hard.

I apologise for the lack of activity this week, we all need a rest sometimes and as I couldn’t take time off work; something had to give a bit. I’ve got a great post planned for Sunday though and a tonne of reviews I want to get started on.

It’s ok to need a break and look after yourself sometimes.

Emily Mae x



  1. Heather Anne

    Moving is stressful and hard. It’ll take time to get a routine set and for the new place to feel like home.
    I’m excited for your post on Sunday! Take it easy, have a rest, and don’t stress out too much. 💕


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