MaxFactor: Lipfinity Lip Colour 

When browsing the makeup stands at boots I had a little look at the MaxFactor display; which for some reason I haven’t really looked at since I was 16. What immediately caught my eye were these gorgeously boxed lip kits with the promise of colour for 24 hours. Safe to say I was really intrigued and I quickly picked up the prettiest colour: 016 Glowing.

What’s unusual about these liquid lipsticks is that the box contains 2 products with a 2 step application for long lasting lip colour. One product is the liquid lipstick itself and the second is a clear balm. My immediate thought was that the balm would moisturise your lips prior to applying the liquid lipstick. But after reading the instructions I realised I couldn’t be more wrong.

Application is actually really simple. Like most liquid lipsticks, this product has a doe foot applicator to easily apply the product and gently line your lips. The lipstick then dries completely matte in under 2 minutes and will stay in place all day, even when eating or drinking. However longevity is affected when eating oily food so if you want your lipstick to last longer try to avoid fast food. If you’d like a matte lip, that’s all you need to do. What is really interesting and unusual is the next step; applying the balm.

Now liquid, matte lipsticks have completely taken over and they’re my go to lip product due to their longevity. I really love a glossy lipstick but the potential smearing and wearability keeps me from using them often. What’s amazing about this lip kit is the balm creates a glossy lipstick without affecting the longevity and the colour.

When you apply the balm on top of the lipstick you get a glossy finish. Throughout the day the balm will wear away but doesn’t affect the lipstick underneath. Therefore you can quickly and easily reapply the balm in the safe knowledge that you don’t have lipstick all over your face. I think this is absolutely genius and is an absolute game changer for me! It’s so easy to just quickly apply the balm over your already perfect lipstick, creating beautiful glossy lips.

Swatch of the matte liquid lipstick
Lip swatch of the entire kit

This particular shade is a beautiful rose pink which I think is really wearable for all skin tones and all occasions. I also really like the light shimmer in the liquid lipstick which adds to the glossy effect of the balm. It’s just so pretty and feels so light on my lips too. I don’t have to worry about cracking and I more or less forget I have anything on.

For £10.99 I would definitely recommend the MaxFactor Lipfinity kits as you essentially receive 2 lip looks in one. Whether you want to stay matte or gloss it up, this entire concept is perfect for so many people. It’s moisturising, it’s great quality and I now need to stock up on every shade. I can also see these being really useful in the winter as my lips tend to crack, this will definitely allow you to have long lasting colour without exasperating your dry lips.

Have you tried these or anything like it?

Emily Mae x



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