Lush Oxford Street Haul 

If you’ve followed my Instagram for a while you’ll know that Lush products completely ruled my account for a very long time. I had quite the impressive collection of bath bombs, bubble bars and shower gels. You name it, I had it. Something had to change so I donated some of my stash to my family and actually used my products instead of hoarding them. After an almost 5 month ban of purchasing new products my once impressive collection now consists of 3 bottles of shower gel. I also now fully appreciate that fresh is 100% best and intend to buy products as I use them, a much better experience and better for my bank account too!

Taken from my instagram @emaalymaae, my collection was a little insane!!

So I made this little haul count and purchased products I really wanted and would appreciate. I also love visiting the biggest Lush store in the world: Lush Oxford Street.

With the dry, hot weather we’ve been experiencing; my hands are definitely suffering. So I had to grab the Salted Coconut Hand Scrub to give my hands a bit of a treat. It also smells of fresh, sweet coconut – yum!

The weather is so hot right now so baths are currently a rare occasion. But on a cool evening I do enjoy a refreshing bath and Grass Bubble Bar definitely smells refreshing. It shares it’s scent with the recently discontinued Grass Shower Gel which was one of my favourites. It smells just like freshly cut grass! I also picked up a Ylang Song Bombshell Bath Bomb as these are very soothing on the skin and I love petals in the bath. It also has a really delicate floral scent.

Lush shower gels are my absolute favourite type of product so I had to pick up the new and entirely exclusive Plum Rain. It has such a rich, fruity plum scent – it’s absolutely gorgeous. If you ever find yourself around Oxford Street I definitely recommend picking one up!

I’ve always been interested in Lush’s makeup range and when I saw they had loose powder blushes, I just had to have one. I opted for the shade Elated which is a pretty soft pink. I can see myself using this a lot over the summer.

I had a lot of fun walking around the store and I cannot wait to enjoy these products. I’d love to know your favourite lush product in the comments below!

Emily Mae x



  1. Bee

    I can’t believe the size of your Lush collection! I love the Mask of Magnaminty and I bought the Ocean Salt face and body scrub today to try – hoping it will be a good cruelty-free alternative to St. Ives apricot scrub 👍
    Great post

    Liked by 1 person

    1. emaalymaae

      I can’t believe it either it was so big! I’m actually much happier now I have a normal amount! I love ocean salt, it’s a very good scrub so you only need to use it a couple times in the week at most. The vodka in it is amazing at toning and brightening the skin!


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