My Top 5 Makeup Revolution Palettes 

Makeup Revolution are quickly gaining popularity and with their purse friendly prices it’s not hard to see why. The quality of their products always astounds me, especially when you can pay 5 times as much on a high end product, but still achieve similar results. Their palettes are always really well thought out and I love that every product is cruelty free. So I thought I’d share my top 5 must have palettes, just incase you feel a little overwhelmed by their range. Because let’s be honest, there is so much to choose from.

1. Ultra Blush Palette – Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold £6

This palette is absolutely stunning with it’s baked, shimmer packed blushes and highlights. It even includes 2 bronzers and it’s absolutely perfect for the summer. With rose gold hues, this is the only face palette you need to take on holiday as it truly has it all.

2. Radiance Highlighter Palette £8

Who needs hourglass when you can have these gorgeously warm toned highlights for only £8? These will give you a natural, sunkissed glow and with 3 shades, there’s a colour to suit every skin type.

3. Naked Chocolate Palette £7.99

4. Iconic 3 Palette £4

Did someone say Naked 3? That’s right, the Iconic 3 is a direct dupe of the Naked 3 palette. There are dupes of all the naked palettes, including the Naked Smoky, but the Iconic 3 is definitely my favourite. The warm toned, pink shades are absolutely stunning.

5. Ultra Blush Palette – Hot Spice £6

This blush palette is perfect for both Summer and Winter with a good variety of peachy, pink blushes. They are so pigmented and the range of colours suit many skin types. If you only have room for 1 blush palette in your collection, this may be the one for you.

It was so hard to choose my top 5 Makeup Revolution palettes as I love so many of them. I’d love to know your favourites in the comments below.

Emily Mae x




    I have the Iconic palette and it is so good, can’t believe how cheap it is! I also have their cream contour palette which is amazing. Have to check out some of the other ones you’ve mentioned.

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