Summer Festival Queen MOTD 

The UK summer is slowly disappearing, but festival season is still in full swing and there are so many amazing festival makeup looks online. I wanted to create a really easy, summer festival look which you can create on a budget as I’ve used mainly drugstore products for this entire look. I wanted to channel a golden and bronzed festival queen and I’m really happy with how it turned out!

1) I decided to prime my face with my favourite glowy primer: Elf Mineral Infused Primer – Radiant Glow. This primer makes my skin feel so soft and the shimmer creates a luminous effect on the skin. It’s particularly good at hiding any dark spots and helping to even out pigmentation.

2) I then moved straight in on my eye makeup and primed my eyelids with the MUA Luxe Bright & Lighten Eye Primer.  I have quite oily eyelids and this primer definitely helps prevent any creasing which will make your eye makeup last a lot longer. It also intensifies the pigmentation of any eyeshadow you use, reducing the amount of product you need which is amazing.

3) I then defined my eyebrows with  the Benefit 3D BROWtones Eyebrow Enhancer. Now I know thick, heavy and very precise brows are the fashion right now. But that’s just not me, I don’t have time to keep them shaped and on fleek. I definitely go for a more natural brow and it’s the way I like them. You can however make your brows as heavy as you want.

4) Time for eyeshadow! For this look I used the Makeup Revolution Chocolate Vice Palette as I was dying to use the brighter and shimmer shades. Using the shade Vice , I highlighted my brow bones and blended the highlight down into my crease. This will allow you to blend your transitional colour within your crease into something; creating a more flawless finish.

5) I then applied the shade Maleficence into my crease and really took the time to blend. When blending, hold your brush at the very far end of the handle so that you blend very lightly. That way you won’t blend away all of the product at once and you can easily control how strong you want the colour to be.

6) I then took the gorgeous colour Must and applied it all over my eyelid before applying a little more Maleficence into my crease. This will make sure the transition from each shade isn’t too strong.

7) To add definition to your eyes, apply Fancy to your outer corners, blending it up into your crease. This is a deeper red and blends beautifully with Must.

8) I then took the gorgeous shimmery shade Persuade and applied it to my crease; gently blending it into my transitional shade. It’s so pigmented and shimmery, definitely my favourite shade in the entire look.

9) To add even more shimmer, I applied the Collection Glam Crystals Dazzing Gel Eyeliner – Funk with a tiny cat flick. This looks so gorgeous in contrast to must and I also love how highly pigmented it is!

10) I then moved onto the rest of my face and applied the L’Oreal Cushion Nude Magique Foundation – Porcelain 01 which has become my go to foundation. It has a really lovely finish but feels really light on the skin. It also wears really well which is what you want at a festival.

11) Next I concealed my blemishes and dark circles with the best concealer ever: Collection Lasting Concealer – Fair 1. The texture is amazing, the coverage is amazing, it’s brightening and it blends so well. If you have not tried this concealer you definitely need it in your life!

12) To contour I used the lightest shade in the Freedom Makeup Pro Powder Strobe Palette. I actually reach for this palette over my Kat Von D contouring palette, it blends really well and seems to really suit my skin tone. I then applied the Makeup Revolution Radiant Light – Glow to my cheeks. This is such a gorgeous highlight with a warm, bronzed effect.

13) Now for the ultimate festival makeup product, highlight! I blended Subsolar and Hemisphere from the Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette. It’s so glowy and beautiful, I love this highlighting palette.

14) I wanted to have some of those iconic festival dots but wanted to keep it really easy. So I just used the Collection eyeliner to apply small dots above my eyebrows and down towards my nose.

15) I then applied my favourite drugstore mascara: Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara. I love the way this mascara lengthens and curls my lashes.

16) To finish the look I applied the La Splash Lip Couture Waterproof Matte Liquid Lipstick – Honey Blonde, as I felt the shade tied in really well with the overall look. This lipstick also does not budge all day which is perfect for a festival.

This is the finished look and I love how glowy it is. I’d love to know your go to festival makeup in the comments below!

Emily Mae x



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