Lush Cosmetics: Elated Powder Blush 

Hello my lovelies,

Today I’m reviewing yet another makeup product, which is not shocking, but what might surprise you is that this makeup product is from Lush Cosmetics. I’ve always loved the idea of Lush makeup, but the longevity of their Emotional Brilliance range always left me wanting. So I was so excited when I visited Lush Oxford Street, where they have an extensive selection of new makeup to try. After browsing the new and interesting products I found myself drawn to the mineral blushes. I just could not leave without one, Elated quickly found itself in my basket.

The packaging itself is really simple yet effective, the circular, classic black Lush pot is the perfect size to travel with. Once you unscrew the lid you are greeted to a pan with ‘Lush’ arranged in the little holes, this is such a lovely touch! When I popped off the pan I was really happy to see that there is so much product compacted inside the packaging. Which makes it’s £15.50 price tag much more attractive.

I really like the colour of Elated as it’s such a pretty, dusky rose pink. It’s the sort of shade I’d wear throughout the Autumn and Winter to create natural looking rosey cheeks. I also love how soft the powder is, it blends beautifully on the skin and doesn’t just sit ontop of your makeup. The pigmentation is also amazing, you only need a tiny bit so I can’t see myself ever needing to repurchase!

Overall I’m really impressed with this blush and I’d love to see some more makeup from Lush with this kind of quality. The only draw back is the initial price, but for a product which is cruelty free, handmade in the UK and provides great results without skimping on product volume – I think it’s worth it. If you ever find yourself around Lush Oxford Street, pop in and take a look!

Have you tried any makeup from Lush? I’d love to know your experiences in the comments below!

Emily Mae x



  1. gorgeozo

    The blush is a beautiful shade, I’m definitely going to try it. I’m obsessed with Lush Henna at the moment. My hair was looking a bit dull but I’ve been using henna for the last few months and my hair is thicker, stronger and shiny for the first time in ages 😃

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    1. emaalymaae

      You should definitely pop into a store and take a look! They’re likely to give you samples to try too, especially if you’re unsure on what to get! That sounds like a lovely lipstick colour, I’ll have to check it out! 😊


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