Lush Cosmetics: Autumn Leaf Bath Ballistic 

Happy October! The air is getting a little chillier, the nights are drawing in and it’s definitely the time of year to enjoy a good Lush bath or two. Today’s review is on a brand new Lush Bath Bomb brought to us in this year’s Halloween collection.

Autumn Leaf is wonderfully Autumnal. From it’s maple leaf shape to it’s green, yellow, orange and pink colours which disperse across the hot water before sinking into a deep orange. This ballistic perfectly encapsulates the season and puts on quite a show in the tub.

As this ballistic is flat, it floats perfectly on the water. This enables it to stay afloat as it slowly fizzes away leaving trails of vibrant colour behind it. It’s very relaxing and the resulting orange water just screams Autumn. If you’re a fan of Autumnal colours, you need to try this for yourself!

If you’ve been a Lush fan for quite a few years, you might also recognise it’s scent. The familiar woody scent of Grass Shower Gel invokes images of freshly mown grass or the smell of outside after a massive downpour of rain. It’s incredibly fresh and when combined with the beautiful colours of the ballistic, you’ll feel like you’re strolling through the park on a damp Autumn morning with leaves crunching underfoot. The ingredients themselves are also very skin friendly. Neroli Oil uplifts the mind and tones the skin, it’s one of few essential oils which is scientifically proven to increase the production of serotonin in the brain. The addition of Sandalwood Oil also maximises this uplifting effect but it’s also an incredibly soothing oil. It possesses a reassuring woody aroma which helps protect and clarify the skin. It’s use as an astringent and antiseptic also soothes, cool and soften – your skin feels incredible after a good soak! The wonderful scent is then wrapped up in Bergamot Oil which is very refreshing. If you wash your hair in the water, the natural acids from the fruit will add a natural shine and their antibacterial properties can help clear the skin. Aromatherapists also use Bergamot to help treat Seasonal Affective Disorder, so if the loss of daylight is getting you down maybe one of these will help perk you up. If that wasn’t enough, this fizzy maple leaf also contains Japanese Maple Sap which adds to the woody aroma.

Autumn Leaf will set you back £3.75, however for it’s size, colour display and the long length of time it takes to fizz, it’s definitely worth the price. If you love all things Autumn or are just looking for a fresh scented bath bomb to perk you up, you need to give this a try! If like me you also fall in love with a product and hate to see it go, this ballistic will be around for the entirety of Halloween and Christmas so you have plenty of time to stock up.

Emily Mae x





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