Pandora Blogging Event with The Londoner 

When I received an email from Abbie at Pandora inviting me to a Blogger event at their flagship store, I could not believe it! So much so my initial thought was that someone was playing a joke on me. I’m not exactly a big blogger, influencer or at all fashionable so why on earth do Pandora know who I am? To make it even more insane, Rosie from The Londoner was also going to be there.

On the day of the event I was so nervous. So many thoughts went through my mind, who would be there, would I be a loner in the corner and too scared to talk to anyone. It was an anxiety driven 20 minute train journey into London but I was very happy to have got to Oxford Street a couple of hours before the event. I eased my mind by browsing all of the shops and mentally coming up with inspiration for future posts.

I arrived at the store 10 minutes before the event was due to begin and I was the first blogger there, awkward. But the staff there were ever so nice and I had a good browse of the beautiful displays while I waited for other bloggers to arrive. Shortly after, we were led upstairs to the second floor of the store which was decorated beautifully. White sofas with fluffy white blankets adorned with scattered Pandora cushions looked so inviting. Fairy lights fell from the giant window overlooking the bustling street below and beautiful flowers hung from the ceiling. There was even a bar and I indulged in a rose water gin & tonic, it was very good!

I needn’t have been so nervous, I instantly clicked with a lovely blogger called Tess (IG: @thatsong_bird) who was just starting out on the Youtube scene. She was lovely, chatty and it was nice to meet someone who was into a different style of blogging. Everyone I met was also really lovely and seemed to be at the same level of social media presence which was also very comforting.

The talk with Rosie lasted about an hour where she answered pre-prepared questions as well as a few at the end from the audience. Prior to the event we were asked to send in any questions we had for Rosie and she answered mine, I was very starstruck! I left for the event feeling really nervous, like I wasn’t a good enough blogger to be there. Ironically the theme of the evening was very relevant to those feelings. As well as discussing Rosie’s journey as a blogger she had some amazing advice to give and it was almost like a wakeup call for me. It’s so easy to compare yourselves to others, so easy to get your head lost in all of the stats and trying to measure your success through numbers. But what is success really? What does personal success look like?

The main points that really resonated with me were to just go for it and to do what you want to do. Don’t fill up your feeds with content because you feel like you have to and for me that definitely speaks true of Instagram. Sometimes I think us bloggers can see success as posting, posting, posting, but if our heart and soul isn’t behind what we’re writing is there any point to the post? You should post what you’re comfortable with and what you want to get out there, mindlessly filling the silence isn’t always a good thing. Doing it in your own time is really important. If you feel like you need to take a blogging break then do it! In the past I felt like I had to get my posts out regularly all the time, but if I’m just not feeling it then I don’t force it. A forced post is always really evident in the way it’s written and I want this entire experience to be enjoyable and not a chore.

Another topic Rosie talked about was competition in today’s social media fuelled world. There are so many bloggers out there and sometimes you might feel a bit lost behind others. You can’t help but compare yourself and this is where negativity starts to occur. If you want to be successful and truly design your life around your blog, you’ll do so much faster by being supportive to others than clawing your way to the top. The internet is a really big place and there is room for us all, one person doesn’t just watch one Youtuber or read one blog!

After Rosie had answered all of her questions we could then go and take photos as well as ask her any other questions. I got to mingle a bit with other bloggers and found some great people to follow on Instagram. When it was time to go we were even given little goodie bags which I was not expecting. I was completely blown away when I opened mine as it contained the most gorgeous drop earrings ever along with some beauty products. I am so grateful, thank you Pandora!

Overall I had a really amazing time, it was my first blogging event and I came away feeling really inspired. To fit with the theme of being supportive to other bloggers, I would absolutely love to do some collaborations. I don’t care how many views/followers you have, this is an open invitation to anyone who wants to have some fun and create some awesome content! It can be makeup, beauty, lifestyle, food, whatever we can come up with together! So if you’re interested, let me know in the comments or drop me a DM on Instagram.

Thank you so much to Pandora and to Rosie for such an amazing evening. I learnt a lot, met some great people and I really hope to come out of my box more and attend some other events in the future!

Emily Mae x



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