Terrific Tea For Those Cold Days


It feels like it’s such a stereotypical British thing to say but I really love tea. I drink it when I’m cold, I drink it when I’m hot, I drink it to relax, I drink it in the bath and I drink it to cheer up. In fact, I can’t think of a situation where a good cup of tea doesn’t go down a treat! Early mornings on the way to work is when I really need to get a hot drink inside me. In an effort to save a little bit of money and some inches off my waistline, I’ve been trying to avoid the lure of Costa, Starbucks and Cafe Nero with their frothy, milky and syrupy drinks. Sure, they taste great and their totally Instagram worthy. But can you really beat a nice cup of tea? So I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite, more unusual teas which I’m hoping you’ll enjoy too.


Hands up if you love a good gingerbread or caramel latte? I know I do! But in effort to cut down my intake of dairy I’ve been turning to some tea alternatives. I actually really like plain green tea but I know lots of people who don’t. These 2 creations by Twinings are my favourite way to revamp the boring old green tea and to add a touch of sweetness to your day without adding sugar or syrup. The Gingerbread Green Tea has a lovely spice to it as it contains real ginger pieces. The flavour is sweetened by golden syrup and surprisingly each mug comes in at 4kcal. The combination of sweet and spicy actually tastes like fresh, buttery gingerbread and it is utter heaven! The Salted Caramel option is better suited for people with a sweeter tooth. It tastes super sweet but without the addition of sugar and it’s also only 4kcal per mug. Whenever I think about snacking, I reach for one of these first and that usually satiates my sweet tooth. Green tea itself is also very beneficial as it contains a tonne of antioxidants and is even thought to improve brain function and weight loss. I also find it contains just enough caffeine to wake me up and I avoid the dreaded coffee shakes I tend to get after a latte.

I know that peppermint tea is something I should drink, it’s really good at settling the stomach as it improves digestion but I can never fully enjoy it. It’s always a bit too minty for me, I needed something to take the edge off slightly. I love mint choice chip ice-cream and after dinner mints so when I saw Teapigs had released a Chocolate & Mint blend, I had to try it. This tea has all the benefits of peppermint tea but the addition of dark chocolate adds a very slight sweetness. It’s a really lovely blend and I can’t quite get enough of it. It’s also only 3kcal a mug which is an absolute bonus.


We all talk about the Chai latte but what about Chai Tea? This wonderful blend of sweet and spicy is absolutely delicious and is everything I love about the latte, minus the coffee shot and tonne of milk. You can drink this black if you want to but feel free to add milk and sugar. It’s a spicier approach to your bog standard cup of tea and I love it, especially in the winter.


Since we’re talking about tea I thought I’d talk about how to get free tea if you’re feeling a bit adventurous. I recently visited a Whittards store to stock up on some hot chocolate, it’s the absolute best if you’re yet to try it, but at the till I was asked if I would join their mailing list. If I did they’d give me some tea samples to take home – yes please! I was given 3 packs of loose tea leaves in Nettle, English Fruits & Barrister’s Blend. I’m yet to crack out the tea pot and try them but they all sound so lovely. Alternatively, you can buy individual tea bags from Twinings from 25p each so you can choose what blends to try without buying multiple packs.

I feel nothing beats filling your travel mug with a steamy cup of tea before setting off for the day. If you like my adorable ceramic David Hasslesloth travel mug, you can find it here for £8.

Are you a tea fan or more of a coffee lover? I’d love to know your favourite early morning drink in the comments below.

Emily Mae x



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