STEAMCREAM: Today’s Version of Lush’s Sweet Asa Moisturiser

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, I hate moisturising. I think it’s because I never really found the right product. Some moisturisers would make my skin feel too dry, others would make me far too oily, some would bring me out in a red and itchy rash and some would just literally hurt my skin. So for a long time I’ve been using products I’ve felt like I should use, because other bloggers love them or magazines rave about them. Or even because close friends and family couldn’t recommend them enough and I would simply blame my own skin for not getting along with it. When I think about it now, that’s utterly ridiculous. Everyone has very different skin and will react in different ways to different products. What might be good for someone with very oily, teenage skin would be absolutely catastrophic for someone with eczema. So I decided enough was enough and did a little online research to find a good product for me.

I then came across the brand STEAMCREAM and was instantly captivated by the packaging. Each beautifully decorated tin contains it’s award winning moisturiser which harnesses steam to extract the benefits from it’s ingredients. I was intrigued and ordered the Nuts For You tin as it’s so adorable. What’s interesting to note here is that STEAMCREAM used to be a sister company of Lush Cosmetics. In fact, if you’ve been a lushie for a while you may remember a B Never Too Busy To B Beautiful product called Sweet Asa and this is it! If you don’t remember the product it also smells exactly like their current body moisturiser Dream Cream and it even contains very similar ingredients.

What I love about this moisturiser is that it’s very soothing. Lavender acts as an antiseptic and antibacterial as well as possessing the bonus quality of helping you to relax as it soothes the skin. The combination of Rose Absolute, Chamomile and Oats is also very soothing and very restorative. Cocoa butter is a great softening agent and it’s also rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamin E, which is fantastic for the skin. The moisturiser is slightly toning with the addition of Neroli Oil and Orange Fruit Extract, the former is an excellent astringent. Almond Oil and Jojoba helps keep your skin supple and smooth through nourishment and preventing moisture from escaping. I fully expected this moisturiser to be very oily from the ingredients list and thought I’d only be able to use it when my skin felt particularly dry. However the addition of Orange Blossom Absolute and Orange Flower Water actually balances oil production which allows me to use this moisturiser through any hormonal skin changes.

At £13.95, this isn’t exactly the cheapest moisturiser on the market but I feel like it’s a really high quality product and worth every penny. I’m starting to fall in love with my skin again and my foundation looks a lot better since I’ve been using this product. If you’ve been experiencing similar problems with your skin, this might just work for you too.

What moisturiser do you swear by?

Emily Mae x


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