Lush Cosmetics: Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub 

When you walk into a Lush store, all the scents and bright colours can sometimes trick your mind into thinking something is edible. It smells good, it looks good but it won’t at all taste good (trust me I’ve tried cupcake face mask and it doesn’t taste like chocolate!). But the lip scrubs are one of the few Lush products which are 100% edible and are pretty much an essential for me in the cooler months. So when I saw that a brand new lip scrub had been created for this year’s Christmas collection, I just had to try it.

A lip scrub is a combination of oils and sugar, which when applied to your lips with a gentle scrubbing action, will exfoliate and remove any dead skin cells. They act as an amazing base before a liquid lipstick and if like me you suffer with chapped and dry lips in cold weather, these become an essential in keeping your lips soft and flake free. They work tremendously well and taste great! Each scrub is also £5.50 a pot which might seem a lot for such a tiny tub. However I find each scrub lasts a good couple of months and sometimes longer with daily use, making it excellent value for money.

Sugar Plum Fairy is a beautiful purple scrub comprised of Caster Sugar and Organic Jojoba Oil. Sweet Wild Orange Oil gives the scrub a sweet and cheerful aroma and a refreshing flavour. But what I find so interesting is despite it’s absence of Cassis and Blackcurrant on the ingredients list, this scrub smells and tastes like The Comforter Bubble BarThat’s right, if you love the Comforter and find yourself longingly wishing that you could give your bar a nibble; this scrub might just be for you.

In terms of it’s effectiveness, it’s not the best at moisturising when comparing it to the other scrubs Lush has to offer. In my opinion Mint Julips is far superior and gives your lips a softer and more moisturised feeling than Sugar Plum Fairy. Nethertheless, I much prefer it to the other seasonal Lip Scrub Santa Baby which I’ve never found truly effective as the formula has been very ‘wet’ in previous years. Sugar Plum Fairy is a good scrub, it tastes good and it does keep flaky lips at bay. If you’re choosing between the two holiday lip scrubs, I cannot recommend this one enough but you can always try them out in your local store. A useful bonus of Lush’s top notch customer service!

Despite the fact I prefer Mint Julips, Sugar Plum Fairy will be taking pride of place in my handbag this season to keep my pout on point.

Have you tried Sugar Plum Fairy or do you have a favourite lip scrub? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

Emily Mae x




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