Halloween Makeup: Mermaid Makeup Look

With Halloween around the corner this is the best time of year to really experiment and go crazy with makeup looks. This post is also collaborated with Amanda over at Amanda’s Beauty Page who has created an absolutely amazing Fairy look. You should definitely check her page out, perhaps you and a friend can dress as Fairies and Mermaids for Halloween!

I wanted to create something really easy that anyone can create at home, with fairly accessible makeup. In fact all of the eyeshadow in this look is from the Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever Palette which is only £8!

  1. As a mythical creature, mermaids are always depicted as having flawless skin. After moisturising with my STEAMCREAM moisturiser I applied my current favourite foundation, L’Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Foundation in Rose Ivory all over my face. I then concealed my under-eyes and blemishes with the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair.
  2. Taking the Mermaids Forever Palette, I applied a blue contour to my nose and cheekbones by mixing the shades Sea and Waves. I then used a fluffy brush to blend this outwards; creating a softer look.
  3. The next part is the fun part, applying the scales! I cut up a pair of fishnet tights and stretched them over the area of my face I wanted to apply shimmering scales. This was along my hair line, my chin and on my cheeks.
  4. I wanted a slight gradient of colour so I applied the purple shade Ocean to my hair line and the lower part of my chin and jaw line. What’s really important is to ‘pat’ the eyeshadow onto your skin instead of blending to ensure the scale effect really works. I then mixed the blue shades Waves and Sea and applied this down my temples, along my chin and across parts of forehead. To create an ombré effect, pack on some of the blue shadow over the purple to create a seamless colour transition. I then did the same with the green shade Land; applying this around the blue shades and out towards the centre of my face. I really love the way the colours merge together!
  5. To create the fish scale blush, I took the shade Pink Sea and packed this on along the contour line, blending slightly with the blue shades.
  6. I then moved onto my eyes, applying Sea to my entire lid and blending upwards. I then applied Land to my crease, blending it out of my inner corner to create a smokey  effect. Finally I applied a small amount of Splash to my outer corner to create some definition.
  7. Time for some highlight, because a mermaid should always be super glowy! I took Sea and applied this to my temples, blending it down towards my cheeks as if this was the base of the mermaid’s skin. I then took the Sleek Midas Touch Palette and applied the shade Cubic Zirconia, which is super shimmery and a gorgeous silver highlight, and applied this over the top of Sea. I also applied it down my nose, blending it into my contour and along my cupid’s bow.
  8. I then lined my water line with the Makeup Revolution Amazing Eyeliner in Black, which is only £1 and super pigmented, before applying Cubic Zirconia to my inner corners.
  9. Mermaids will obviously have long, fluttery eyelashes so I applied my favourite Mascara, Revlon Volume & Length Magnified Mascara, to make my lashes look longer. You could also apply false lashes if you wish!
  10. I wanted to keep my eyebrows matching my hair colour, so kept them in their natural state with a little Benefit 3D Browtones to add some definition. Though if you decide to have pastel, crazy coloured hair for this look you can do your brows however you wish!
  11. The MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Iced is such a pretty colour and so perfect for this look. I then also applied a little of Cubic Zirconia on the top with my finger to add a little sparkle.

I really like how this look turned out and I was so surprised at how quick and easy it was. If you’re in a bit of a rush before a Halloween party, this only took me around 30 minutes which is pretty good considering how effective the scales are. I would probably team this with a bikini top and some shiny disco pants along with some pearl jewellery.

Are you dressing up for Halloween? I’d love to know your favourite Halloween look in the comments below.

Emily Mae x



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