Makeup Revolution: Mermaids Forever Palette 


When I saw this palette in Superdrug, I instantly fell in love. With it’s beautiful selection of colourful, shimmery shades I suddenly felt inspired to create some out of this world makeup looks. The Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever Palette looks truly magical and I couldn’t wait to swatch it. For £8, this palettes work out at 25p per eyeshadow. If that’s not a bargain I don’t know what is!

Left to Right: Forever, Seashell, Enchant & Future
Left to Right: Bay, Creature, Starfish & Ariel
Left to Right: Myth, Magic, Pretty & Pink Sea
Left to Right: Song, Urchin, Princess, Ocean
Left to Right: Mermaids, Sea, Waves & Splash
Left to Right: Fishtail, Land, Turtle & Undersea
Left to Right: Treasure, Kingdom, Mineral & Seabed
Left to Right: Imagine, Harmony, Prince & Whale

Let’s talk about the swatches, overall I’m very impressed. The shimmer shades are truly the star of the show here as they are so pigmented and eye catching. They feel soft and buttery in the pan and blend beautifully on the skin. In particular the green shades Fishtail and Land as well as the blue shades Sea and Waves really stand out. Ariel is also absolutely stunning and would look fantastic with an every day makeup look. In fact when I was swatching this palette, I was really surprised by the versatility of it. All of the light shades and especially Treasure, Kingdom, Mineral and Seabed could easily be incorporated into my daily makeup routine. This makes this palette excellent value for money!

Left to Right: Creature, Urchin, Mermaids, Splash, Undersea & Prince

Sometimes with palettes there are a couple of shades which don’t really stand out or leave you feeling a little short. In this case there were 6 shades that I felt weren’t the absolute best and I probably won’t use. Creature and Urchin are 2 matte shades which are just not pigmented at all. I really had to work with them to build up the swatch so I could at least photograph the colour. Though they look pretty pigmented in the pan, they just don’t transfer well to the skin so don’t expect anything bold from these two. Mermaids was a shade I was really on the fence about as it looks stunning in the swatch photo. But as I was playing around with it I found the colour payoff really inconsistent. In the pan and the swatch photo, you can really see that blue pigment contrasted with a cool toned shimmer. But in the above photo it just looks like a silvery hue. Splash, Undersea and Prince are beautiful colours but unlike the rest of the palette, these 3 shades are quite chalky with some fallout. If you’re using these 3 shades, you might want to do your eye makeup first before applying any foundation and concealer!

Left to Right: Enchant, Ariel, Pink Sea, Song, Sea, Fishtail, Treasure & Imagine

Because I really love this palette, I don’t want to end on a negative note. So I thought I’d share the shades I love the most. Enchant is utterly stunning. In the pan it looks like a really dusty pink, honestly I didn’t expect much from it. But once you swatch it, the gold duochrome effect really catches your eye and it’s really beautiful. Ariel and Pink Sea are probably my absolute favourites; probably because Autumn colours are truly embedded in my brain right now. But the pigmentation is phenomenal and they are so buttery. I can tell I’ll hit pan on these two before Autumn ends! Song, Imagine and Treasure are very pretty metallics which don’t require any form of water or spray to really pop. Last of all, Sea and Fishtail had to make my favourites because they are so beautiful. If you purchase this palette to create a mermaid look for Halloween, then these are the two shades to gravitate towards. They’re pigmented, soft, buttery and have the right level of shimmer without containing chunky glitter.

Overall I’m so impressed with this palette and cannot reccommend it enough. I bought it with the intention of creating more ‘out there’ looks but I now fully intend to incorporate it into my everyday makeup routine. Each shadow is 25p, entirely cruelty free and you even get a full sized mirror which is incredibly useful. If you need a wide selction of shades and some beautiful shimmers, make this the palette you purchase.

Emily Mae x



  1. WineAndWhine

    I have a palette from MUA and i find that it takes a lot of the product to have a colour pay off. It must just be a negative of cheap eyeshadows x


    1. emaalymaae

      I think it depends on the palette and formula if I’m honest! Most of these shades are utterly amazing, only a few aren’t too great. And if I’m honest the same can happen with high end! I think it’s all trial and error and working out which brands really excel at one type of product. In makeup Revolution’s case, it’s shimmer shades!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. shaunz

    Beautiful!, all the shades are so unreal. I picked up their 144 shadow palette the other day in Superdrug for 10 quid! I couldn’t believe it, have you seen it? You must get it, all the gorgeous shimmery shades you could possibly want in a palette, i had to get it haha..xx

    Liked by 1 person

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