Lush Cosmetics: Pumpkin Bath Ballistic 

When I saw Pumpkin Bath Bomb stacked up in my local Lush store, I was so excited. Halloween isn’t exactly a huge thing over here in the UK, but each year it seems to get slightly bigger and this year is no exception. In fact, this year’s Lush Halloween Collection is indeed it’s best yet with a wide variety of fun and spooky products. I have never celebrated Halloween, but I have definitely carved a few pumpkins as it’s a great activity to keep siblings occupied. So when I saw Pumpkin Bath Bomb, I got just a little bit excited. With it’s sweet fragrance, Pumpkin found itself in my basket immediately and I could not wait to give it a try.

Once you pop Pumpkin in the bath it fizzes quickly across the water, projecting deep orange into the depths of your tub. As the outer layer fizzes away, the inner core adds a stream of yellow which merges with the deep orange bath water. This creates a beautiful effect before the water mixes and settles into a deep orange. Though not a moisturising bath bomb, it wasn’t at all drying to the skin and the strong colour did not stain the tub.

When I had a good sniff of the bath bomb in store, I loved the scent. I could definitely detect the sweet Vanilla Absolute and there was a definite yummy, food smell to it. Though it doesn’t contain pumpkin, the addition of Pimento Berry Oil brings a sweet, warm and spicy fragrance. It definitely smells like what I would imagine a pumpkin pie to smell like and as an absolute foodie, this sort of fragrance is my idea of heaven. Despite this, once the bath bomb hit the water I just didn’t like the scent. The fragrance seemed to get even stronger and there was an aspect to it that was just too much for me. So much so, I had to get out the bath! I could still smell it on my skin and hair for a good 12 hours after the bath but after around 5 hours, the scent settled and I started to enjoy it again. I definitely recommend seeing this bomb in action in store as I think you’ll either love or hate the scent.

At £3.95 I think this bath bomb is value for money as it’s a huge size, contains tonnes of colour and a strong fragrance. It’s such a shame I didn’t like the scent in the end as I absolutely adore the cute, Jack O Lantern design and the autumnal colour. However I can see this being a cult favourite this season and if you love strong fragrances, this might just be the bath bomb for you.

Have you tried Pumpkin Bath Bomb? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

Emily Mae x




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