Lush Cosmetics: Boo Bath Melt 

With Halloween right around the corner and my skin becoming ever so dry, I thought it would be a great opportunity to try out and review Lush’s Boo Bath Melt. This product is brand new for Halloween 2016 and I have to start with how cute he is! With his little mouth and small size, he was almost too cute to use!

For £3.50 Boo is a little on the small size but in keeping with Lush’s past prices for their bath melts. It is certainly bigger than the £2 Bath Oils and I would say it’s definitely more than twice the size, which for me makes the price ok. If you did however want to make Boo last a little longer, you could easily chop him in half and save a bit for another day.

The scent of Boo is very different but also perfect for the cooler season. When you step into the creamy bath waters, you are greeted with a delicate floral scent. Toning and balancing Geranium Oil and cleansing and calming Mimosa Absolute help cleanse and uplift the mind. A refreshing, spicy note of Ginger Oil will help relieve tense muscles and aching joints. It’s both a pretty scent and slightly warming; which will stay with you for the entirety of your bath. I felt incredibly relaxed and ready for the day.

After using Boo, my skin felt so soft. This is due to the high proportion of Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter but unlike some bath melts, this did not leave me or my tub greasy. The bath was not at all oily afterwards and my skin felt comfortably soft. Some oils can make you feel like you need a shower afterwards and this was definitely not the case with Boo. I didn’t need to moisturise afterwards and it really helped soften some dry skin patches I’ve been battling against lately.

Overall I think Boo is a cute and effective bath melt for Autumn. It melted slowly in the hot water, giving you time to really relax. The scent was strong and stays with you for the entirety of your bath, but not too strong that it’ll overpower any perfume you decide to put on afterwards. I really enjoyed using this bath melt and I hope Boo is popular enough to return next year.

As Halloween is fast approaching, I’d love to know your favourite product from the Halloween range in the comments below!

Emily Mae x



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