Primark Liquid Lipstick Review & Swatches


In my recent Primark Haul I bought a tonne of lip products and if I’m honest I wasn’t really expecting much. Everything was super cheap and though I am a huge advocate that good quality brands don’t have to be expensive, Primark isn’t exactly a dedicated beauty brand. With that in mind, I decided to put some products to the test in the safe knowledge that I hadn’t spent that much money on them so it would’t be the end of the world if they were in fact utterly unusable. The PS Super Matte Liquid Lipsticks cost a grand total of £2 each which makes them very affordable for anyone on a budget. Though there were actually lots of shades available, I picked up 3 which caught my eye: Karla, Kendall & Purple.

I actually really like the packaging of these lipsticks, I think they look really sleek and don’t necessarily look like they cost £2. The only drawback is the lid is quite thin plastic and I’m worried they might crack if shoved into the bottom of a handbag. The applicator itself is really long and quite soft on the lips which makes application really smooth. The soft bristles are also really good for even application.


The applicator is super long but also really soft making application really easy. 


Swatches top to bottom: Purple, Kendall & Karla 


Close up of the shimmer in Purple 

Karla is a really lovely nude/brown shade which dries a little darker than the product you see within the bottle. It’s my favourite shade of the 3 and it’s just the perfect brown for my skin tone and for Autumn. I have had a tonne of compliments when wearing it, one even from a policeman which is utterly bizarre! The formula itself is not too runny so you don’t have to use a lipliner as the product doesn’t leak over your lip line. It dried super quickly and evenly, producing one of the nicest matte finishes I have ever seen and it is so pigmented. There is also no noticeable scent, perhaps a slight ‘chemical/product’ smell which disappears instantly as soon as it’s applied to the lips. What I absolutely love is how comfortable it feels as it’s not sticky, it’s completely matte and dry yet your lips don’t feel horrible. It didn’t crack once with over 10 hours wear and it even made it through lunch and many cups of tea without requiring a touch up. The finish stays completely uniform for the entire day and when I applied more on top just to see if it was buildable, it didn’t crack or crumble either. I cannot get enough of this formula! I have some expensive liquid lipsticks which are no where near the league of this Primark one in terms of finish, longevity and comfortability.

Kendall is my second favourite as it’s a lovely grey toned mauve colour. It’s a little more on the natural side and does require 2 coats to make sure it’s not patchy. However it is completely buildable and you can apply the second coat while the first is drying without any weird finishes occurring. It stays 100% matte all day, lasts through any meal or drink and it’s very comfortable to wear.

Purple is a bit of a weird shade as it doesn’t follow the name theme of the other 2 lipsticks. However, as Primark develop their makeup lines it’s more than reasonable to expect different names occurring as they add more products to their collections. This became further apparent when I applied it for the first time as it not only gave me beautifully matte berry lips, they also sparkled with glitter! I was really pleasantly surprised and it looks so pretty – perfect for the upcoming festive season. Unfortunately the different formula didn’t 100% dry even though it looked matte, so expect to have to touch up after having a drink! 

Despite the 2 different formulas, I do really like all 3 of these liquid lipsticks. For £2 you really can’t go wrong as the quality is really good. Kendall and Karla are absolute knock outs and I would happily pay premium prices for their quality. Purple was a little disappointing as it doesn’t completely dry but the overall finish and glitter is so pretty, I’ll definitely be wearing it over Christmas. 

Have you tried any Primark makeup? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below! 

Emily Mae x 



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