Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub

As it’s now November and the weather is getting a lot chillier, my skin is reacting to the change in temperature with a bit of a dry spell. In particular my legs have been itchy, scratched raw and quite horrifically very flaky. After a week of praying to the skincare gods, hoping moisturising would help it go away, I decided enough was enough and headed to my local Boots for a good old body scrub.

I found myself perusing the aisles trying to decide which scrub would be the best and ended up in the Soap & Glory section. I’ve always liked their products and have heard amazing things about their Sugar Crush Scrub and thought I should give it a try. However Breakfast Scrub caught my eye and as soon as I saw the nourishing ingredients; I knew it would be the scrub for me.

The texture of the scrub is really thick and scoopable. This means it’s really easy to handle and it prevents you from dropping some in the shower. It contains Organic Cupuacu Bio Scrubs, Golden Sugar, Almonds and Oatmeal to help gently exfoliate away dead skin cells. The addition of Bananas, Shea Butter and Honey Extracts then helps to restore protein within the skin as well as gently moisturising. What I love about this scrub is that it’s really gentle, yet so effective at buffing out your skin. It’s not irritating at all which makes it a really lovely scrub to use if you have sensitive skin. The smell is also amazing with the combination of yummy ingredients and the addition of maple syrup – it smells like a sweet porridge or pancakes!

For £8 you get an absolutely massive 300ml pot which is super heavy. You don’t have to use a lot so I can see this scrub lasting me a good while. I love that the formula isn’t runny, easy to handle and with minimal mess as it easily washes down the drain. The packaging itself is super cute, yet sturdy and it will last in both the bath and shower. It’s my favourite scrub to date and if you find yourself browsing the Soap & Glory section, I really recommend giving it a go or at least have a good smell.

What’s your favourite scrub?

Emily Mae x




    I really love the Tree Hut scrubs. They are organic and natural! I have been wanting to get a good scrub for the winter. I have seen the breakfast scrubs in the stores but here they are like $16.00 so I get the Tree Hut for $7.00. I may try yours out in the future! Thanks for sharing

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