The Christmas Tag 

I saw this tag over at Nicky’s blog and I thought it would be an excellent way to get Blogmas going for 2016; because who doesn’t love a good tag especially if it’s about Christmas? As with all my tag posts, this is completely open to absolutely anyone who comes across this and wants to have a go! If you’re struggling for Christmas content, this might just help you get started!

So without any more delay, let’s get Christmassy!

1. What is your favourite Christmas film?

When I was little I would watch so many Christmas films back to back. I feel like ELF is my favourite as an adult but as a child it had to be Jingle All The Way or Flight Of The Reindeer. I still get excited when I see they’re on TV!

2. Have you ever had a White Christmas?

Yes! I remember a good few years back the UK was really hit with snow and my home town was featured on the news for how bad it was. All the hills came to a standstill and John Lewis had to keep customers in overnight as the snow was so deep. The snow stayed for the entirety of Christmas and the village I lived in was totally cut off for a few days and no one could get to school for over a week; we ended up breaking for Christmas early. It was truly magical and I just remember looking outside at the thick snow on the tree tops; it was so pretty. After a while it did get annoying and I was so happy to see grass again after the snow melted. Interestingly, it’s not properly snowed since!

3. Where do you usually spend your holiday?

With my immediate family, but this year traditions are changing as I’ve moved out!

4. What is your favourite Christmas song?

Wizzard – I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday, it never fails to get me singing!

5. Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?

Nope! You have to wait until the big day, why spoil it?

6. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?

Dasher, Dancer, Donner, Vixen, Prancer… Rudolph. Nope!

7. What holiday traditions are you looking forward to most this year?

Spending my first Christmas with my boyfriend in our new little home, we’ll be making new traditions and it could involve not getting dressed and eating a lot of food.

8. Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

I like real, but we will be getting a fake. They last for a very long time and you can always burn a Christmas tree scented candle!

9. What is your all-time favorite holiday food/sweet treat?

Lebkuchen! I can eat a big bag in seconds! If you love gingerbread, you should give it a try.

10. Be honest: do you like giving gifts or receiving gifts better?

I love giving which probably sounds very cliche. I like picking things for people and watching how happy they are when they open it.

11. What is the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

That’s such a hard one! As a child I think my GameCube was my favourite, it opened up a whole world of gaming and started my love for video games. As an adult, my first Naked Palette!

12. What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season?

Honestly? No where! For me Christmas is all about being at home and I feel like it wouldn’t feel right anywhere else.

13. Are you a pro-present wrapper, or do you fail miserably?

I love wrapping presents; adding candy canes to the ribbons and making elaborate bows. I like to think I’m pretty good!

14. Most memorable Holiday moment?

Probably not memorable for a good reason, but one year I had a horrible stomach bug over Christmas. It literally lasted for 2 weeks and I remember crying a few days before Christmas worrying I’d still be sick. I felt truly awful and couldn’t even eat Christmas dinner without being very sick. I was just about alright for New Years and went back to school feeling very sorry for myself.

15. What made you realize the truth about Santa?

Someone told me at school which was not cool; the Christmas magic should last as long as possible!

16. Do you make New Years resolutions? Do you stick to them?

I make them and stick to some. I believe you can make resolutions at any time of your life and you don’t have to wait for a new year!

17. What makes the holidays special for you?

It is the one, known day off I get a year from my job and I get to relax. Spending time with family is so important and I just love closing the front door on Christmas Eve and not opening it again until work on Boxing Day. It’s a time to appreciate everything you have around you and frankly I feel we need an excuse to eat loads and relax in the middle of Winter.

I loved writing this Christmas tag and now I feel super Christmassy! If you decide to write one, please tag me or post a link in the comments below so I can read all of your answers and get excited for the big day with you!

Emily Mae x



  1. sittingintheclouds

    Awesome questions. I remember when the UK was hit really badly for snow, unfortunately it wasn’t too bad for me but it was all in the news. I just did the exact same tag but after reading yours realised I missed out half of the questions…opsie!!! haha ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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