Gift Ideas X Nügg Face Masks


 With Christmas just around the corner I thought I would showcase some brands and products which should take pride of place underneath the Christmas tree, within a Christmas Stocking or as a Secret Santa gift. If you know someone who loves their skincare products, or just loves to relax with a good face mask – Nügg is definitely a brand to look out for.

Nügg was recently launched on BeautyBay and is a brand which is renowned for their lip and face masks. Containing no chemical emulsifiers and 90% naturally derived ingredients; these masks are a great cruelty free option. Packaged in pods, these masks are great to travel with and don’t require refrigeration to keep them fresh. I love to have a few handy just incase my skin requires a little TLC.

Nügg very kindly sent me some masks to try and having not even heard of the brand prior, they suddenly became a must have product. So I thought I would review each mask so that you can pick one which best suits you.

Cranberry Seed Oil & Jojoba Beads Exfoliating Face Mask – 3/5

Feeling a bit flaky? Don’t worry, this mask has your back. Containing Jojoba Beads to buff away at your skin, Cranberry Seed Oil and Aloe Juice effectively nourishes the skin at a cellular level to produce a revitalised complexion. Your skin will appear smoother, nourished and the exfoliating effect will help diminish pores. I have to say this mask is very effective at exfoliating and I like how soft my skin feels afterwards, though I do recommend using a moisturiser as well if you have sensitive skin. When I use a mask I like to relax and I feel you need to put a little more work into it to get that buffed feeling. If you’re a bit lazy and don’t want to rub it around your skin, this might not be the mask for you. I like to use this once a month to just give my skin that extra oomph.

Flaxseed & Peppermint Oil Revitalising Face Mask – 4/5

Feeling dull? You won’t need highlight for that glow anymore. This mask is perfect for normal to dull skin types which just need that extra push to leave you radiant. The highly effective Flaxseed and Peppermint Oil plumps the skin at a cellular level to energise and illuminate the skin. I find that when I’ve had a really long and tiring week, this face mask gives me that extra boost and really awakens my complexion. My makeup looks so much better after I use this mask too!

Cucumber & Jojoba Oil Deep Cleansing Face Mask – 2/5

Does your skin just feel clogged up? Why don’t you dig deep to remove those impurities. This mask contains Cucumber & Jojoba Oil to calm the skin and create a shine-free finish. This mask is great for oily skin which needs a bit of a deeper cleanse. I have to say it does it very well but be warned, it will draw out the impurities before removing them so do not use this mask if you have an event the next day! The formula deeply cleanses at a cellular level to produce quick results and I have to say it is very effective. Unfortunately my skin is a little more sensitive which is why I have given it a lower score; it’s just too good at it’s job for me! Though it left my skin soft, the after results was a big break out but once that did pass my skin did look pretty amazing. If you have dry skin, avoid this mask as the combination of Witch Hazel Extract, Glycerin and Aloe Juice mattifies your complexion by drying the skin.


Shea Butter & Chamomile Soothing Face Mask – 3/5

Feeling a bit sensitive? This soothing number will calm you down. This mask contains wonderfully soothing Chamomile and moisturising Shea Butter to give your skin a bit of a treat. This nourishing mask creates wonderfully soft skin as it penetrates deep into the skin’s layers yet remains gentle for the most sensitive of skin. I really love this mask as it’s so good at calming your skin down when it’s feeling a little sore and dry – perfect for the cold weather. I like to use this after a particularly cold and windy day to keep my skin hydrated and feeling good.


Camellia Seed Oil & Spirulina Hydrating Face Mask -4/5

Do you crave luxury? This silky number will make you feel like a Goddess. This mask contains Camellia Seed Oil and Spirulina Extract to penetrate deep into your skin’s layers; producing supple and super smooth skin. Whenever I use this mask I feel like I’m giving my skin the ultimate treat as it always feels amazing afterwards. It’s like someone’s peeled away the old, tired layer of skin and I’m left with a fresh new face; of course without a harsh chemical peel. I feel like my skin feels softer for longer and who needs foundation when your skin is just so good? If you have oily skin, avoid this mask as you don’t need the extra moisture this mask brings.

I am so impressed with Nügg Face Masks as I love the quality and the fact they’re cruelty free. I think they are so effective and I think it’s amazing that they have a mask for everyone. You can buy a pack of 5 pods, each pod is one face mask, for £16.45 which works out at £3.29 a mask – not bad! Alternatively you can purchase a pack of 4 mix and match pods for £13 with each pack tailored to a particular skin’s needs.

Have you tried any Nügg Face Masks? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

Emily Mae x


Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for free as PR/received at a blogging event in a goodie bag. All opinions are my own, this is not a sponsored post.



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